Fun with Eyelashes

By Ginny Roufogalis


Lash extensions are big! Until the past few years, lash extensions were mainly found in the larger cities – and were mostly used by celebrities. Now, you can get them here – and you don’t have to be a celebrity! It’s become nearly as common as getting your nails done. The main reason people do lash extensions is to look better – you can personalize the color and length of your lashes, making them fuller and longer.

Lash extensions are synthetic “eyelashes” that are adhered to your natural lashes. You don’t even feel them because nothing touches your skin to make you uncomfortable in any way. Most people forget they’re there until someone tells them how pretty their eyes look. It really enhances your natural lashes.

Your first set takes two hours – and then you a do fill in every four weeks that takes about an hour. You’ll come in the salon and lie down on a massage table. Most people think the procedure is very relaxing.  I have blankets and soft pillows to make you comfortable.

At Blink Boutique Lash and Hair Salon, we use Nova Lash. This company has been around for 13 years, and I really trust their product. The adhesive is formaldehyde-free and contains no toxic chemicals. It does have a latex component to make the lashes soft, so anyone with a latex allergy or very sensitive eyes may want to skip this procedure.

Your new lashes can be a lot of fun. I have clients who come in for a fill in around the holidays and we add a few glitter lashes or a color – maybe a few purple lashes to match a dress? Or, if you are tailgating we could add your team color. It’s fun to add a little twinkle once in a while. The colors and glitter wash off, so you’re not wearing it for an entire month.

We also have many brides getting lash extensions for their wedding. I always advise brides to make their appointment well in advance. Most brides get their lashes done a month before the wedding so they can see how they look. Then, they can come in for fill in right before the big day.

We have lots of before and after photos on our website for those new to lash extensions. Each person looks a little different. I tell people that the eyes are the windows to the soul and I’m just putting curtains on them!  Some of my clients stop wearing makeup after getting lash extensions.  They tell me all they need is lip gloss. And with our humid weather, it’s nice to not have to worry about mascara melting under your eyes – no streaks on your cheeks!

About this writer

  • Ginny Roufogalis

    Ginny Roufogalis

    Ginny Roufogalis is the owner of Blink Boutique Lash and Hair Salon located at 4108 Carolina Commercial Drive in Myrtle Beach. The salon offers two hair stylists, three lash techs and one esthetician for skin care. To make an appointment, visit or call 843- 855-3510.

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