Nicole Says…Read These Books

By Nicole McManus

Rush by Lisa Patton

Miss Pearl has worked in the Alpha Delta Beta house for twenty-five years. She loves being a part of watching all the young girls become lifelong sisters. Despite her own painful memories, she looks forward to the incredible opportunity that she has just been offered. However, when a spoiled legacy prevents her dream from coming true, it is up to the previous and new generations of sisters to stand up for what is right. Wilda is thrilled to be a part of the sorority world again, and despite having a good heart, she desperately wants the new generation to like her. Cali is smart and outgoing, she truly hopes to find a home during rush week. The one thing that could stop her is her lack of approved wealthy family members. Will these three women find a way to change the out-of-date methods and open a whole new world to sorority life?

The sorority system has deep traditions, the South takes pride in ancestry, and Ole Miss has a rich history. Combine these three things with three very different women, each battling to find acceptance, and you create an excellent representation of today’s times. The author covers harsh topics, such as racism and entitlement, in a lighter manner, to help open people’s eyes. Readers will appreciate the depth of each character’s point of view. The morals in this story make it a must-read for all.

I have never read any Lisa Patton books before, but I have heard incredible things about her book, Whistlin’ Dixie in a Nor’Easter. After reading, Rush, I have added the entire Dixie trilogy to my wish list. I will also admit I had limited knowledge of Ole Miss, and I was pleased that I could “see” and “feel” the campus, while reading. I look forward to discovering more of her books in the future.

A Discovery of Witches (All Souls’ Trilogy #1) by Deborah Harkness

Diana Bishop is a descendant from a long line of incredible witches, but wants nothing to do with her gifts. Yet, while in the library doing research she discovers an ancient tome on sorcery. What Diana doesn’t realize is that her discovery has unleashed a world filled with vampires, witches and daemons. Diana falls for a vampire named Matthew and together the two must solve the mystery of the ancient tome.

This book reads like a classic Halloween movie. There is romance, adventure, crazy antics, and a quest to save the world from evil spirits from a mysterious old book. One should always be aware of what they might discover in a book. The author provides a lot of background on each character that will hopefully come into play with the next book. The book is choked full of descriptions so the scenes come to life. Readers will be able to spot references to other, well-known vampire novels and will definitely want the second book to dive into immediately.

Okay, so I think you can guess why I am sharing this book with you, this month… (Happy Halloween!) However, I have had this title on my wish list for several years… why? Let’s see, it is a book about a book that originates in a library with a main character who is enhancing her desire to learn about science and history. I am not normally a sci-fi or fantasy reader, but everyone I have talked to has raved about this series. Yes, this book had some tedious chapters, but the ending has me desperately wishing I had the second book to read! I look forward to traveling back in time, with Shadow of Night.

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