Words Inspired, Secrets Held

By Brenda Turner

Are we waking up every day and mindlessly letting life happen to us? Do we live on auto pilot and only do what is expected of us? Do we even remember yesterday’s hopes and dreams? The WISH Candle Company is a place where you can “bee inspired” to reconnect with your hopes and dreams.

Many people make a wish when they see a falling star or on their birthday. Brenda Turner, founder of WISH Candle Company, makes wishes all year long. She believes life is a WISH. Think about these four words – Words Inspired Secrets Held.

Words – Our words guide our thoughts and intentions. Choose your words wisely, they tell your life story and define your future.

Inspired – We are inspired by our experiences and everything we see, hear, feel and do.

Secrets – We all have secrets. Some are worth sharing and others are meant to be held close to our heart.

Held – Not every secret needs to be shared but it’s important to understand our secrets have a way of directing our lives. They silently speak to our heart and give us a sense of either restlessness or peace.

Light your own candle! It is the perfect way to give honor to your life, secrets, hopes and dreams. Imagining the life you wish to live is the key to making wishes come true.

Light a candle every night with dinner. Put some fresh flowers on the table and turn on some relaxing music. The warm glow of candlelight and sweet aroma of honey quiets the mind and is very healing.

Light a candle during the day just to keep connected and inspired. We were not created to live in isolation. Inviting family, friends or neighbors over to share a cup of coffee or tea is a healing experience for both of you. It is up to you to make the effort.

Keep a journal of things you love, things you wish to do and things that bring you joy and laughter. Please come by our WISH Candle Company and experience the world of handmade beeswax candles and begin the journey of making YOUR Wishes come true!

About this writer

  • Brenda Turner

    Brenda Turner

    Brenda Turner is the founder of WISH Candle Company. Although her roots are in Virginia, she found her home here in Pawleys Island. Her passion is to create a positive environment for the community; a place where customers and makers can feel inspired and cared for. WISH Candle Company takes pride in carrying high quality, handcrafted products. Brenda and her staff are committed to doing everything possible to help others make their wishes come true. Stop by for a visit at 11388 Ocean Hwy, in Pawleys Island or visit www.wishcandle.com, www.facebook.com/wishcandlecompany or on Instagram @wishcandlecompany.

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