Kristin Kane Preserving Dignity with Compassionate Care

By Kristin Kane

Maybe you’ve already gotten the phone call, or you’re worried it’s coming – the call that explains how your mother tripped and fell, or that your father became ill from not taking his medications correctly. Knowing when to step in for loved ones and get them extra help can be difficult. This can be even harder if you’re not living in the same area and are not able to help them yourself. Sometimes the first thought is to move loved ones into a nursing home or assisted living facility, but forcing a loved one to move against their wishes, or before they are ready, can lead to frustration and depression. Formerly independent adults suddenly find themselves in unfamiliar and stressful environments, forced to comply with pre-set schedules. However, there is another way. Consider the option of helping loved ones remain in their homes, where they are comfortable and happy.

Studies have found that socially engaged seniors have higher levels of physical, mental, and cognitive functioning, and even the smallest amount of exercise appears to help seniors not only live longer, but also have a lower risk of disability. Quality home care may enable your loved one to continue these and other beneficial activities of daily life with compassionate assistance. Personalized services, such as those provided by Comfort Keepers, provide trained caregivers for not only our senior loved ones, but any adult that requires assistance with daily living, personal care, and companionship. (We have recently started helping new mothers with household duties, such as cleaning, laundry and cooking, giving them the time to focus on their new addition.)

It’s important, when choosing a home care service, to ensure that caregivers have been thoroughly screened. Our caregivers undergo rigorous interviews, reference and background checks, and we look for one trait above all others; empathy. With empathy at the core of our care, daily routines can become teaching moments that stir memories, stretch our brains, and keep our eyes on the important parts of life.

There are a wide range of services that in-home caregivers can do to help your loved one continue to enjoy their daily routine. These include meal preparation, mobility assistance, bathing, grooming and hygiene, light housework, transportation for errands or to medical and beauty appointments, medication reminders, and assisting with incontinence care.

When we lift people’s spirits, research shows individuals feel better, live longer, and experience life more fully. We feel honored to help your loved ones navigate life transitions with compassionate care.

About this writer

  • Kristin Kane

    Kristin Kane

    Kristin and Michael Kane are the owners of Comfort Keepers, serving the Grand Strand area with quality home health services. They bought the business in July of 2017, bringing a new level of excellence to in-home care. To learn how Comfort Keepers can help your loved one, call 843-249-9200  or visit

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