Marce Singleton Light Up Your Home with Beauty!

By Marce Singleton

Light is the one element that impacts every facet of your home. Make it pretty!

A beautiful new lamp can update the look and enhance the feel of any space. You can create warmth, energy or a relaxing atmosphere in a room by choosing a special lamp. In most rooms several different types of lamps are needed to achieve the best overall lighting for the space.

Table lamps are often the main light source in a room. There is a large variety of styles, shapes, and colors to complement any décor. Table lamps are usually placed next to a sofa, a chair or on a bedside table. Since these are sometimes used for reading and other times just for soft light, it’s ideal to have a 3-way switch in your table lamp.

Smaller accent lamps can be used to light up a dark spot in a bookcase, on a tall chest, or a kitchen countertop.

Buffet lamps are usually tall and have a narrow silhouette and are often used in pairs on a buffet, a lower chest, console or sofa table, or a hall table.

Floor lamps come in many styles and can be a great solution for a small space next to a chair or table where there isn’t room for a table, or to light up a dark corner.

Task lighting is needed for specific activities or places such as a desk or a sewing/craft area. These might be a desk lamp, a gooseneck, a swing-arm or a balanced-arm lamp.

Lamps add style and create ambiance as well as providing light for whatever activities take place in your room. It’s important to choose the one that best suits the place where it will be used, but it’s also important to choose one that you love and that you will enjoy looking at day after day.

Maybe you already have lamps that you love but they look a little tired, need a little TLC. A new shade can give a treasured lamp a whole new look. When you top it all off with a beautiful new finial you will fall in love all over again. Remember to ALWAYS BRING YOUR LAMP WHEN SHOPPING FOR A SHADE!

If the lamps that you love that are not working or maybe just a little loose, we can help! We offer expert repairs and restorations by Rob, our “Lamp Doctor.” We also make custom lamps.

Stop in soon and visit with the Shady Ladies and the Lamp Doctor. You never know what you’ll find at LaFaye’s at 79th.

And we can help you make it pretty!

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  • Marce Singleton

    Marce Singleton

    Stop and see Marce at La Faye’s at 79th, Lamp, Shades, Repairs, located at 7901 N Ocean Blvd in Myrtle Beach, or call 843-626-9952. La Faye’s is open Monday- Saturday, 10am-5pm. Find them online at or on Facebook.

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