5 Fashion Ideas for a Fun Lunch Date

By Tess DiNapoli

Choosing a lunch date outfit is fun and exciting! Whether I’m grabbing eats from a local food truck and taking a walk or sitting down somewhere nice and fancy, it’s important to be dressed appropriately.

The Movie Date

Matinee movies are great for a lunch date because the tickets are usually cheaper and the theaters less crowded. When selecting an ensemble for a movie date, I look for something comfortable enough to recline in for a long period of time and not too constricting following a meal. A vintage graphic tee with my favorite pair of skinnies is a go-to outfit for a casual date like a movie.

The Dine-In Date

Going to a dine-in restaurant is a typical lunch date, but it doesn’t have to be boring. I wear my cutest, most feminine outfit for a sit-down restaurant – think ruffles, lace and floral patterns and grab a cover-up like a light sweater or the ever-trendy denim jacket, since some restaurants can be a bit chilly.

The Stay-at-Home Date

A lunch date doesn’t always have to mean leaving the house. Staying in and cooking or ordering take-out is fun! For an outfit, I try putting together something ultra-comfy that I can still wear outside the house. A t-shirt dress, a simple tunic top with leggings, or a cozy sweatshirt with matching joggers provide that comfy, casual look.

The Food-Truck-Tour Date

Who doesn’t love a good food-truck feast? For this occasion, I pick out something trendy and casual like a flirty tank and jeans or a flow-y maxi dress. Both pair great with sandals or shoes with a bit more structure for walking around.

The Do-It-Yourself Date

A DIY date can mean taking a cooking class, rolling our own sushi, or creating custom wines. The perfect outfit to complement a hands-on experience is something simple with little to no embellishments. A form-fitting top and palazzo pants with flats gives me the comfort to move around and fully immerse myself in the activity. If there is an apron involved, I can tie it on without feeling like I’m adding bulk.

The thrill of going on a lunch date is almost as exciting as picking out the outfit! I always consider choosing pieces appropriate for the weather, the setting, and the activity. And I keep my closet full of items I can wear for almost any outing. This way, on any lunch date, I’m ready to pull together an outfit perfect for the occasion.

About this writer

  • Tess DiNapoli

    Tess DiNapoli is a fashion writer and content strategist. She specializes in collaborative branding efforts with up-and-coming designers, fashion companies, and boutiques, such as Rustic & Refined (www.shoprandr.co).

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