Cover Artist: Mila Koenig

Best Friends, by Mila Koenig

At the age of nine, Mila was at her grandparent’s cottage painting with her favorite watercolors. Her grandmother’s old cupboard was her first inspiration, and she created intricate paintings on the old piece of wood in bright oils which gave it a new life. The neighbors who came to see it were so impressed that they wanted her to paint on their old pieces as well. Mila’s love for creating live art was born.

Many years later, her art still shines with joy. Her paintings depict real objects in the realm of the imagination: running horses, onions from the fresh market, an aristocratic family on vacation. She creates tangible sensations of light, color, fabrics and moods of her characters. By manipulating angles, color tones, and perspective the paintings are indirectly evocative of whatever mood is at play. Many things contribute to the creation of this special art, which emanates an uplifting energy. The right atmosphere has to be created in the form of inspirational music, aromas from fresh flowers and candles, and delicate lighting.  Every painting comes with a story which not only gives it meaning, but a life of its own. Many of her inspirations come when Mila is playing the piano, and in her words, “the images float up and ask to be transformed onto the canvas.”

To see more of the artist’s work, visit She welcomes personal orders from individuals and businesses.

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