Our Sasee Kids are Making a Difference

By Nicole McManus

When someone else’s happiness is your happiness. That is love. -Lana Del Ray

A quick Google search of children interacting with the elderly immediately yields a bevy of information on the health benefits for both the children and our older population. In some parts of the United States, daycare centers are being operated inside assisted living facilities–with great success. Locally, Sasee found our kids are also making a difference through frequent interaction with our elder population. Our kids know helping others is important.

Sasee asked around and found a few of the ways local kids and seniors make the perfect combination.

Shirley Klee from Brightwater Senior Living had a lot to say about how groups of local kids are helping seniors at this Myrtle Beach facility.

• Local junior and high school students come in to perform music programs – and they hang out afterward to get to know the audience.

• Local Girl Scout troops come in and spend time with residents and share stories.

• A music school brings their students twice a year to do a recital and share their progress.

• Brightwater members love when preschool classes come in to sing and do a craft activity.

• Several local parents regularly bring their children to the facility for a variety of activities and interaction.

Senior Living Communities, owner of Brightwater Senior Living and the Lakes at Litchfield are convinced of the benefits of bringing youth and seniors together. Recently, the company won a national award for their J.O.Y. program (Joining Older and Younger). They encourage intergenerational communication and what this actually means is a lot of fun for young and old.

Bethea Retirement Community is Darlington has a group of girls they sponsor as a part of their partnership with Connie Maxwell Children’s Home. The residents contribute household items each month and the girls come to do activities with the seniors. These children love visiting Bethea!

Kids and seniors have a lot to offer each other. To get your kids involved, call the assisted living or retirement community closest to you and go for a visit!

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