Cover Artist: Julia Klimova

Red Bow, by Julia Klimova

Color comes naturally to Russian-born, Ontario-based artist Julia Klimova. Her early childhood in southwest Russia was happy, filled with laughter and inspiration. As far back as she can remember art was a part of her life. She was able to use her artwork to open doorways to other places and escape into them while painting. Her mother always encouraged her to explore her surroundings, to find inspiration in the smallest details and to paint what she felt.

The narrative of her artwork is subject to both her past and her present, grasping that which words cannot express. Julia Klimova’s unique perception of color intertwines with her natural ability to captivate her audience visually and emotionally.

Julia went to school to study fine arts and upon graduation worked as an interior designer. It wasn’t until she moved to North America that she took on art as a full time career. After a brief stay in Tennessee, Julia moved with her family to Southern Ontario where she now resides.

Julia’s work has been exhibited internationally in places such as Toronto, New York City, Charleston, South Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia, Scottsdale, Arizona, and the United Kingdom.

To see more of the artist’s work, visit, find her on Facebook @artofjuliaklimova or visit Mary Martin Galleries of Fine Art in Charleston,

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