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Rebecca Says… Read This Book by Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn The morning of their fifth wedding anniversary, Nick and Amy’s day starts unusually bright. Amy is cooking breakfast, and Nick enjoys the meal before he leaves for work. Then Amy disappears. With no signs of a struggle, the entire tiny town of Carthage, Missouri, wonders if Golden Boy Nick is […]

Leslie Says… Read This Book by Barbara Kingsolver

Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver When we meet red haired, Dellarobia Turnbow, she is on the run from her stifling life in fictional Feathertown, Tennessee. As she trudges up the mountain to meet her future, she comes upon a sight that changes her life and direction. Without her glasses, she can’t be sure exactly what […]

Celia Says… Read This Book by Lolly Winston

Good Grief by Lolly Winston In Good Grief, by Lolly Winston, Sophie Stanton finds widowhood baffling, after all, she’s only thirty-six and has just gotten used to being married. Her tumultuous journey leads her to quit her public relations job and move to a new town to reinvent herself where she befriends a thirteen year […]

Leslie Says… Read This Book by Ashley Mackler-Paternostro

The Milestone Tapes by Ashley Mackler-Paternostro I will warn you before you start this book. It’s really hard to put down. I saw the title on “Goodreads,” decided to give it a try, bought it for my Kindle, started to read it and barely put the book down all weekend. Jenna and Gabe Chamberland have […]

Taylor Says… Read This Book by Justin Cronin

The Passage by Justin Cronin “It happened fast. Thirty-two minutes for one world to die, another to be born.” If you like an exciting, spooky story, this one is for you. It starts off with law enforcement officers gathering death row inmates for a secret government experiment that hopes to create “immortal humans.” Of course, […]

Leslie Says… Read This Book by Dr. Eben Alexander

Proof of Heaven by Dr. Eben Alexander Dr. Eben Alexander is a man of science – a Harvard educated, well-respected neurosurgeon; this man is first and foremost a believer in facts, scientific research and what can be seen and proven empirically. Dr. Alexander’s life was turned upside down in 2008, when he contracted a rare […]

Lisa Says… Read This Book by Adam Johnson

The Orphan Master's Son by Adam Johnson The Orphan Master’s Son, by Adam Johnson, is a remarkable and timely novel about a man living an unbelievable life in North Korea. This literary thriller, so to speak, is about the hidden world of North Korea with all its misery, violence and impossible circumstances. Pak Jun Do […]

Lisa Says… Read This Book by J.K. Rowling

A Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling It is understandable that everyone is excited about a new J.K. Rowling novel, her legendary Harry Potter books opened new worlds in literature for the young and old. A Casual Vacancy is Rowling’s first adult novel, and believe me – it is definitely not for children. The novel begins […]

Lisa Says… Read This Book by Chris Bohjalian

The Sandcastle Girls by Chris Bohjalian I liked Chris Bohjalian’s books, Midwives and The Double Bind and thoroughly enjoyed his latest, The Sandcastle Girls. Inspired by his grandparents’ background, this novel explores the suffering of the Armenian genocide of 1915 during the First World War and brings us to Bronxville, New York, in 2012. Bohjalian […]

Lisa Says… Read This Book by Erin Morgenstern

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern Erin Morgenstern’s debut novel, The Night Circus, is a smashing tale of magic, greed and love at the turn of the 19th century. “The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not. Within the black and white striped canvas tent […]

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