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Angel of Light, by Karen Tarlton Contemporary California Impressionist painter Karen Tarlton paints oil paintings with a unique sense of color, texture and light. With loose strokes and bold use of color, she brings a unique perspective to the contemporary art world. Her paintings are a visual journey that allows the essence of her subject […]

“Mirror Image” by Robert Maitland Robert Maitland’s paintings are captured moments from his past, often painted from memory. Living in New York City, Robert draws inspiration from the great art museums that New York has to offer. He first visited these museums when he was very young, with his sister and parents – all of them […]

Kathryn’s Song, by Michael J. O’Connell Michael J. O’Connell, originally of Johnson City, New York, is an artist residing in Clearwater, Florida. A graduate of the Tampa Tech School of Art and Design, Michael began his professional career as an airbrush artist at Tampa’s Busch Gardens. His designs and paintings can be seen throughout the […]

Kentucky Woman, by Thomas Davis Born in Charlotte, North Carolina, Thomas studied Business and Marketing. After completing his Business Degree in 1984, Thomas attended the Art Institute of Atlanta to develop the creative side of his mind. In 1987 Thomas returned to Myrtle Beach to incorporate both the creative and business side of his mind […]

A Girl on the Beach, by Jane Woodward Jane Woodward, A Greenville, South Carolina, native, is an impressionistic oil painter. In 1999 she fulfilled a lifetime’s dream of making the coastal area her full-time residence, living now near the creeks of Murrells Inlet. Woodward is one of the artists/owners of Island Art Gallery in The […]

Salt Water Blues, by Candace Whittemore Lovely Candace Whittemore Lovely is an American impressionist painter known for her pleasing and peaceful views of contemporary American life, including landscapes of treasured locales and people at play in idyllic locations. Candace had the honor of painting First Lady Barbara Bush’s official White House portrait in 1990 and has […]

Flowers for the Soul, by Martha dePoo Martha dePoo’s love of art began at an early age through the nurturing guidance of her artist mother, Suzie dePoo (Zuzek). Upon graduating from Key West High School in 1973, dePoo went to work in the art department of Key West Hand Print Fabrics where she rose to […]

My Afternoon, by Sally Rosenbaum Sally Rosenbaum is a California impressionistic painter of original oil paintings and lives in the Wine country of the Napa Valley. She celebrates the figures of women reading, ruminating and writing in her paintings as well as landscapes of the vineyards and valleys of the Napa and Sonoma area. She […]

Blushing Wind, by Teli Duncan Born and raised in Columbus, Georgia, Teli Duncan has loved art as far back as she can remember. The artist attended Auburn University, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Art, and now lives and works as a full-time painter in Charleston, South Carolina. Teli is a follower of Jesus, and is […]

Women and Wine Second Edition, by Kathy Womack After twenty years, the Women and Wine series is still ongoing – recruiting new admirers and collectors every day. Its broader appeal has blossomed into something relatable for most women. Much of the creativity in Kathy’s work is focused on the costumes or the fashion design on […]

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