Cover Artist

Cover Artist: Hanna Norris

Elsa at the Beach, by Hanna Norris Hanna Marta Norris is a graphic designer and artist living in Phoenix, Arizona, with her husband, dog and cat. Despite having lived the majority of her life in the desert southwest, she is still trying to acclimate to the hot summers, and blames her birth in the northern regions […]

Cover Artist: Babs Ludwick

Lady of Intrigue, by Babs Ludwick Babs Ludwick is a watercolor artist who is open to exploring new media. She brings a highly creative vision and an innovative approach to her colorful and thought-evoking art. The paintings Babs creates in acrylic, charcoal, collage and watercolor are art pieces that also happen to be a joy […]

Cover Artist: Karen Tarlton

Angel Blessings, by Karen Tarlton Contemporary California Impressionist painter Karen Tarlton paints oil paintings with a unique sense of color, texture and light. With loose strokes and bold use of color, she brings a unique perspective to the contemporary art world. Her paintings are a visual journey that allow the essence of her subject matter […]

Cover Artist: Mary Hamilton

Flirting with Fall, by Mary Hamilton Mary loves coastal living! It inspires her to paint, whether in watercolors or acrylics. She says, “The warm, sultry air wraps around me like a hug, and I feel like hugging back. Painting is as close as I can get to embracing the atmosphere where I live in the […]

Cover Artist: Cassandra Gillens

Cassandra Gillens is a self-taught artist born, and educated in Boston, Massachusetts. She uses the hues of paint to bring to life the traditions of the past and her love for people and culture of the American South. Her work is inspired by the stories she has heard from her grandmother; a native born in […]

Cover Artist: Linzi Lynn

A native of London, Linzi Lynn’s professional career began at an early age in the performing arts as a singer and dancer. After getting married and quitting show business to raise a family, Linzi, looking for an artistic outlet, tried her hand at painting. In 1992 after having moved to America, she decided to enhance […]

Cover Artist: Carolee Clark

The Dog Whisperer

Cover Artist: Carolee Clark

Like many artists, Carolee Clark’s love of art began at an early age. Her mother enjoyed painting and would encourage the artist and her sister to draw while she set up her easel.At age twenty, Carolee’s mother gave her a set of watercolors, which unlocked a world of color for the young artist who eventually […]

Cover Artist: Brandi Cannon

Strength through Love

Cover Artist: Brandi Cannon

From an early age, Brandi Cannon experimented with a variety of styles and mediums. Eventually finding a love for acrylics and opaque watercolor, she has since spent years developing her own style, what she calls abstract surrealism. Often beginning unplanned and without intentions, led by flow of thought, her original work varies from sobering symbolism […]

Cover Artist: Jennifer Beaudet

The Green Charmeuse

Cover Artist: Jennifer Beaudet

Jennifer Beaudet is a contemporary impressionist artist who was born and raised in Southern California and is largely influenced by the ocean. With a great love of nature, the artist likes to explore the beauty in simple things and has been painting with oils and selling her work since 2009. Having explored pastels, watercolors and […]

Cover Artist: Vickie Wade

A Mother and Three Daughters

Cover Artist: Vickie Wade

Vickie was born and raised in a country setting by a loving Christian family with her devoted artist grandmother living next door. By age 11, young Vickie was happily oil painting beside her. After marrying her prince, the artist became a nurse, had two terrific sons, and chose art over nursing so she could stay […]

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