Cover Artist

Cover Artist: Shiloh Sophia

Artist Shiloh Sophia McCloud was born in Marin County, California, in 1970. Shiloh was trained by her mother in literature and poetry and then attended the Academy of Art. She studied with renowned Byzantine Russian Iconographer, Pavel Tikhimov and calls her method of painting “Contemporary Symbolism.” At 23 she rendered her first one-woman show under […]

Cover Artist: Dmitry Spiros

Dmitry Spiros, a Russian contemporary impressionist artist, was born in Tashkent, one of the former USSR republics, and lived there until 1998. From 1998 through 2010, Spiros lived with his family in Russia, in the city of Samara. The artist currently resides in the popular resort city of Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico. He is married […]

Cover Artist: Emily Balivet

Psychedelic Gypsy

Cover Artist: Emily Balivet

Emily Balivet is an entirely self-taught, freelance artist whose paintings explore the mystical feminine elements of ancient goddess mythologies from around the world. Her work includes numerous commissions and hangs in private collections and galleries worldwide. Her paintings possess qualities which demonstrate an admiration for the Art Nouveau, pre-Raphaelite, and psychedelic art movements. She also […]

Cover Artist: Kathy Womack

Artist Kathy Womack tells people she lives vicariously through her paintings. As a mother of three her life is hardly glamorous. It’s very “full,” just not glamorous. A little piece of Kathy screams to put on some strappy sandals and an evening frock, ready to hit the town, see the girls, have a glass of […]

Cover Artist: Gwen Meyerson

Gwen Meyerson lives and paints in her native New York City. She has a BA in Art from Queens College, attended the New York Studio School and received an MFA in Painting from Florida State University. She is a modern, representational painter creating work that ranges from cityscape to Southwestern landscape to beach scenes. Gwen […]

Cover Artist: Dyanne Parker

Lady in Red, Lady

Cover Artist: Dyanne Parker

Dyanne Parker believes that art is the most sustainable possession you can own. She is a self-taught artist, living in Orlando, Florida, who received her initial inspiration from a woman who has been painting for over fifty years. She believes that whatever you do in life, enthusiasm and energy determine how successful you will be. […]

Cover Artist: Susan DeBow

Tilly the Teapot Lady

Cover Artist: Susan DeBow

Susan Hipkins DeBow is a Sasee writer and artist. She loves colorful paintings and writing, not to mention, colorful personalities. Susan started painting in her late fifties, adding painting to her twenty-plus year writing career. A hobby of hers is watching Law and Order reruns and then going around telling people she wants to make […]

Cover Artist: Cheri Miller

On a whim, Cheri signed up for an art class as a junior in high school and immediately fell in love with painting. As she says, very tongue in cheek, “Since then, the art world has never been the same.” Growing up in Southern Maryland, studying art and interior design in Charlotte, and living for […]

Cover Artist: Debbie Kalinowski

Mom and Daughter in Flowers (Inspired by Robert Hagan)

Cover Artist: Debbie Kalinowski

Debbie Kalinowski describes herself as a “late starter.” Her favorite class in college was History of Art but she never took an art class, instead she spent hours in art museums. After Debbie retired two years ago, she began oil painting, and has so far painted 78 different canvases while developing her personal style. The […]

Cover Artist: Tina Petersen

Growing up in a home where her parents loved and collected a wide variety of art, Tina Petersen began creating her own work very early. Working predominately in oil, she is inspired by color, light, movement and the small, sweet, humorous moments of everyday life. Tina lives in Northern California, with her husband, daughters, dogs […]

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