Cover Artist

Cover Artist: Jurij Frey

Jurij (Yuri) Frey lives in Böblingen near Stuttgart, Germany, and works in a realistic style. He is inspired by people in the modern world and by the contrast of their wants and desires. He paints the people in surroundings familiar to them, using large, almost rough brush stokes. Yuri tries to catch the ease and […]

Cover Artist: Jacqui Faye

Visions of Sugarplums

Cover Artist: Jacqui Faye

Born in San Antonio, Texas, in 1956, Jaqui Faye works predominantly in acrylics. Recognized for her Red Shoe series, Jacqui paints playful, innocent and sometimes provocative compositions using the red shoes to tell a story. Jacqui’s vivid reds and lifelike skin tones and her attention to detail add to the dimension of her compositions. The […]

Cover Artist: Shelly Penko

Shelly Penko is a fine artist and textile designer living and working in Austin, Texas. A University of Texas graduate, she has been involved in art since she could hold a brush. She taught art in public schools for 16 years before becoming a full time artist. Her colorful, passionate paintings celebrate the tender, sweet, […]

Cover Artist: Kevin Meredith

The world of fine art started for Kevin Meredith at the University Of Kansas School Of Fine Art and begins again with each empty canvas in front of him. While the artist has no preference in subject matter, it must evoke an emotion or tell a story. Still life painting is the exception – it […]

Cover Artist: Victoria DeAngelis Alger

Becoming a watercolor artist had always been an interest of Victoria Alger’s, but finding the opportunity to pursue it never seemed to materialize, until recently in her home of 18 years, the beautiful, coastal setting of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Over the years, she’s had a flair for the physical design world, having been educated […]

Cover Artist: Lyn Hamer Cook

Lyn’s artistic development and talent has resulted in sales and collection of her artwork internationally. Her wonderful Pembroke Welsh Corgi art was included in the published books by the amazing author Millie J. Williams. In 2012, her work graced the front book cover of The Watching by Ms. Williams. The manufacturing of dozens of products […]

Cover Artist: Patrick Bornemann

The Sower of Poppies

Cover Artist: Patrick Bornemann

Born in Africa and raised in Europe, Patrick Bornemann has been painting since he was a child. His artistic training was accomplished in Marseille, Nice and Venice. He started his family young and, concerned about supporting them as an artist, went into a career in design and film. He traveled extensively and created great international […]

Cover Artist: Derek Gores

Derek Gores was born in New York in 1971 and was awarded his BFA from Rhode Island School of Design 1993. In his collage portraits, the artist recycles magazines, labels, data and assorted found analog and digital materials to create the works on canvas. The series showcases Gores’ contrasting interests in the living beauty of […]

Cover Artist: Piper Free

Seasons of Transformation

Cover Artist: Piper Free

Piper Free is a graduating senior in Graphic Design at Mississippi State University. Her illustration style is particularly drawn to using watercolor media, and painting is her favorite pastime. God is her primary inspiration for all of her work and seeking to glorify Him is her main goal. Her work, Seasons of Transformation, is descriptive […]

Cover Artist: Heatherlee Chan

Heatherlee Chan paints what brings her joy. She delights in creating images of simple pleasures and things that warm her heart. She is inspired by color, femininity, old books and nature. Her childhood was spent with her nose in a book adoring heroines with spirit. Because of that first love, she loves to paint pictures […]

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