Cover Artist

Cover Artist: Patrick Bornemann

The Sower of Poppies

Cover Artist: Patrick Bornemann

Born in Africa and raised in Europe, Patrick Bornemann has been painting since he was a child. His artistic training was accomplished in Marseille, Nice and Venice. He started his family young and, concerned about supporting them as an artist, went into a career in design and film. He traveled extensively and created great international […]

Cover Artist: Derek Gores

Derek Gores was born in New York in 1971 and was awarded his BFA from Rhode Island School of Design 1993. In his collage portraits, the artist recycles magazines, labels, data and assorted found analog and digital materials to create the works on canvas. The series showcases Gores’ contrasting interests in the living beauty of […]

Cover Artist: Piper Free

Seasons of Transformation

Cover Artist: Piper Free

Piper Free is a graduating senior in Graphic Design at Mississippi State University. Her illustration style is particularly drawn to using watercolor media, and painting is her favorite pastime. God is her primary inspiration for all of her work and seeking to glorify Him is her main goal. Her work, Seasons of Transformation, is descriptive […]

Cover Artist: Heatherlee Chan

Heatherlee Chan paints what brings her joy. She delights in creating images of simple pleasures and things that warm her heart. She is inspired by color, femininity, old books and nature. Her childhood was spent with her nose in a book adoring heroines with spirit. Because of that first love, she loves to paint pictures […]

Cover Artist: Victoria Platt Ellis

Ever since Victoria Platt Ellis was a little girl, drawing with a stick in the dirt at the foot of her rural front porch steps, she has been fascinated with fitting shapes together to make designs. Every large or small element within a painting is a part of the puzzle that comes together to form […]

Cover Artist: Leslie Pinto

Leslie Pinto is an artist and graphic designer living in Miami Beach, Florida. Born in Cali, Columbia, the artist has always been fascinated by artistic expression, and was encouraged by her adoptive mother, Paulette Ghitis, to follow her love for art. In college, Leslie studied graphic design, and now works as a freelance artist, designer […]

Cover Artist: Shiloh Sophia

She Found Hope Again

Cover Artist: Shiloh Sophia

Shiloh Sophia McCloud, has dedicated the past seventeen years of her life to the study and practice of art as a spiritual discipline as well as to helping equip women with the tools and understanding to develop their own creative potential. Shiloh’s artwork is dedicated to providing healing images of women and family. As a […]

Cover Artist: Janet Searfoss

Janet Searfoss is a painter of Batik, the antique-appearing paintings created with hot wax and dyes that often resemble glass in fabric form. Janet combines the ancient craft of batik with the art of painting. Her technique is often a radical departure from the traditional Batik, creating her distinctive style. Her Batiks are labor intensive, […]

Cover Artist: Tracy Hanna Foye

Tracy Hanna Foye is a local artist who grew up in Kingstree, South Carolina. In 1981, while earning a BA in Fine Art from Coker College, Tracy painted Essence of Eve. This versatile artist has been enjoying her art career here on the Grand Strand for nearly 30 years. Tracy has painted murals, faux finishes […]

Cover Artist: Millie Doud

Millie has always found joy in playing with visual possibilities unlimited by form of art or media. She enjoys working with a variety of media including glass, fiber, clay, found objects, pencil and paints. The artist takes pleasure in manipulating the art elements, and, as often happens in problem solving through a two or three […]

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