It turns out that singing the multi-syllabic “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” without missing a beat may not have been Mary Poppins’s most impressive talent. And while analyzing Ms. Poppins’s abilities, not to mention emulating them, has never been at the top of my to-do list (or even on my to-do list, for that matter), I have lately had […]

Since 1961, Midway Fire Rescue has been providing service for an 80 square mile area, from Litchfield Beach to DeBordieu Colony. From an all volunteer department, it has grown to include three full-time paid stations with 64 full-time career and 15 volunteer positions. Led by Chief Doug Eggiman, the three stations expect to respond to […]

Just walking into Georgetown Art Gallery is a treat for the senses – I was surrounded by so many beautiful pieces of art it was hard to know where to look first! The space is divided into 20 booths, each with dividers that give the viewer a chance to experience each artist’s work. This month, […]

A Real Blast

By Linda O’Connell

 As I drove home after a terribly, trying day of teaching preschoolers, I looked forward to a relaxing shower. No, I required a shower. I was desperate to erase the day’s disasters. It wasn’t the blue tempera paint stains smeared on the undersides of my forearms; the dried, red-tinted glue on my left elbow, or […]

The Joke’s on you

By Rose Ann Sinay

Practical jokesters do not run in my family. Once in a blue moon, my serious, almost unapproachable father would suddenly become an excited kid planning an elaborate prank, anticipating a hilarious punch line. Because of his otherwise stern demeanor, my siblings and I were wary. We waited and watched and laughed only when we were […]

Girls’ Day

By Melissa Face

It begins with one of the three of us throwing out some dates for consideration. We check our calendars, sort through our work schedules, our kids’ practices and games, and confirm sitter availability. We mark our calendars and cross our fingers, hoping that nothing happens to interfere with our Girls’ Day. Girls’ Day is a […]

Heaven Sent Rainbow

By Diane DeVaughn Stokes

Ongoing bronchitis led me down the scariest path of my life after finding a 1.2 cm nodule on my lung x-ray. My allergist and internist said it could be scar tissue, and it could be nothing as people can sometimes develop these with age. But both agreed it was better to be safe than sorry, […]

Same Old, Same Old

By Erika Hoffman

I must be insane. Albert Einstein, one of the most brilliant humans of all time, stated, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” How many times have I nagged my husband about picking up his messes, to no avail? Or complained about folks who disappoint me over and […]

“70-74 Female, First Place in the 5K goes to Carrie Slayback!” the announcer called out. I hurried up to the stage, snatched my ribbon with quick thanks, and melted back into the crowd. The 74 to 79 places were announced, then I heard, “80-84, Female First Place, goes to… ” Didn’t catch the name, but […]

A World Away

By Sally Gosen Case

I have friends with second homes, empty-nested couples with children long since grown and gone. I know my share of snowbirds, fleeing coastal winter storms to relax in the desert, and then turning tail on the summer heat to cool off on the beach. Not for me, a single gal with a kid in college […]

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