Hot Flashes

By Sonja Herbert

When I felt my first hot flash, I decided I wouldn’t be one of these weak women who needed chemicals to feel good about their changing selves. I gave birth to six children without epidurals, and, after my marriage fell apart, I raised them by myself for eight years. Just because I finally found the […]

I have a secret wish. In the big scheme of things, it is embarrassingly fickle: It is not to bring world peace, win the lottery, or even to lose those dreaded ten. It is, quite simply, to wear a dress with spaghetti straps. Summers are the hardest because of “them”– those enviable, perky women who […]

Whirling Passions

By Kim Alden Mallin

Bulletin-immediate broadcast requested… Hurricane Frances local statement…national weather service, Charleston, SC… tropical storm frances strengthens… a hurricane warning is now in effect for the following counties… Charleston, Georgetown and Horry… A normal person would start to get nervous with above forecast…not me. Guess I’m not normal…hmmm, what a surprise. Anyway, I’m not talking about a […]

Gardening for the Soul

By Sara Harrell Banks

Southern gardens are as unique and elusive as the “Southern Mystique,” and the memorable ones are fragrant with flowers that bring summer to our hearts. At the heart of each garden is scent, what someone has described as “a power without a name” – a mystery, a sacredness. And for the true gardener, gardens offer […]

I am the poster child for chaos when it comes to organizing anything from my closets to my calendar, but I wasn’t always this way. When I had a family to care for, everything in my home had a place, and I never forgot anything. Back then life was hectic, but I stayed on top […]

Swimming Lessons

By Marsha Tennant

My daddy taught me to swim in the ocean at Va. Beach, Virginia. That lesson has lasted a lifetime and been tested many times over the years. Swimming is much like life. Practice makes perfect but sometimes the waves of life come crashing in and over us, upsetting the natural rhythm of daily living. I […]

Nowhere in all my years of wandering through museums, antique shops, or private and historic homes have I ever come across a hand-stitched sampler that read “Home Popcorn Home.” It’s a shame because popcorn is a natural host to special times with family and friends. I have never seen a buttery bowl of popcorn that […]

It was her day, but I knew she’d be the first to compliment my dress, my shoes, my hair…she would hardly notice her own, though she sparkled in a gown of her own design. There she was in satin and silk, the center of attention, and yet, her eyes sought mine like a schoolgirl in […]

“She won’t stop singing.” This wasn’t the news my mother was anticipating when she was called in for an impromptu conference with her youngest daughter’s kindergarten teacher. Relieved, my mother shrugged and replied, “She’s a happy child.” What my bemused mother couldn’t have foreseen that day was how routine this experience would become as Margaret […]


By Carol Kloskowski

My husband and I hate homework as much as our kids do. That’s why our planning calendar has a bright red circle around the date of the next school board meeting. We’ll be there with some serious complaints. Part of the homework our second grader Joey’s teacher sends home are easy-reader books she expects him […]

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