A Sheep on My Back

Some people have monkeys on their backs; I have a sheep on mine. I just love yarn. I love to knit with it, and I love to buy it. Unfortunately, it takes a lot less time to buy yarn than it does to knit it up; so I have way more yarn than I have […]

Christmas Magic

I am one member of a family of magicians. They don’t pull rabbits out of hats, perform card tricks, or make people disappear. What they can do is even more breathtaking. My family is capable of creating Christmas magic that can leave the average person amazed and bewildered well into adulthood. One Christmas Eve, when […]

Creating Rattleheads:  A Gift for Me and the Receiver

In the book, The Five Languages of Love, author Gary Chapman lists the following as tokens of love: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service and physical touch. He explains how we as human beings react to each of these in varying degrees. While all of these are important, most of us […]

Bra Burning Santa

Who would have thought that Thanksgiving, 1971, would lead me into an adventure that would give me the title of “The Country’s First Female Santa Claus,” with national publicity to boot! Headlines from major newspapers read “Santa Girl,” “Santa by Day, Beauty Queen by Night” and the one I hated most, “Bra Burning Santa!” As […]

You May Be Too Busy If…

I’m not sure when I found time to compile this list, I think it was somewhere in between cooking dinner, folding laundry and checking e-mail. Apparently, I am not alone. Surveys often reveal that the one thing women crave, even more than our feel-good staples of chocolate, massages and new clothes, is the very thing […]

Learning to Love Life, Again and Again

Maybe it took the doctor telling me the EKG showed I had had a heart attack for me to get back to the heart of the matter of living. Or perhaps it was after stressing for a few days before taking several tests that proved that I had not had a heart attack that made […]

Campbell’s Soup Kid

By Kim Seeley

Campbell’s Soup Kid

I was a Campbell’s Soup kid when I was a young child. No, I didn’t have the ruddy complexion or the round face of the Campbell’s Soup Kids that I saw on television commercials. At the time, I never thought of myself as a Campbell’s Soup kid; I don’t remember thinking of myself as any […]

Anniversary Dreamin’

By Cathy C. Hall

Anniversary Dreamin’

It all started when my oldest son innocently asked his father about Sky Miles. Naturally, my husband, who has had numerous dealings with seemingly innocent questions, knew something was afoot. Turned out that our first-born had a burning desire to see Daft Punk, which is a techno-band, whatever that is. Dad, an old radio DJ, […]

Ugali, by Golly

By Terri Elders

Ugali, by Golly

A lifetime later I still recall staring at the photos of the children of East Africa that the Quaker missionaries pinned to a curtain in the basement of the Friends Church in Scotts Mills, Oregon. In one faded snapshot a group of children sat on grass mats, hands folded, eyes intent on a white-haired woman […]

The Significance of Stories

Late one Christmas, my mother-in-law, Hazel, and I sat surrounded by holiday debris. I was feeling torn between nostalgia and melancholy. My son was to be married in the coming year; my father had passed away during the year prior. The guests had abandoned us, and candles sputtered to darkness. No better time for confidences. […]

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