Laughter Through the Tears

I held her hand and stroked her cheek. Tears formed in the corners of her eyes. Her skin felt so soft, and the freckles sprinkled across her nose and cheeks made her look just as young as the days of our childhood. I squeezed her hand and told her not to be afraid; we were […]

Through My Young Eyes

We were about to embark on a family adventure of sorts – part vacation, part work. I had been invited to teach a professional company of dancers for one week in Germany; my husband was premiering in the most important lead role of his 35-year opera career – also in Germany. We were excited about […]

My mother had only one cookbook, a thick school scribbler where, before her wedding, she recorded over four hundred recipes. Since boiling potatoes and preparing the roast or frying the pork chops or opening a tin of salmon on Fridays were all things she could already do, what she figured she needed were dessert recipes […]

Her name is Pat. I call her Tooty. We met when I was a first-year teacher at a small, private school. Early in the year, I felt overwhelmed and was beginning to think I had made the worst decision of my life. Tooty, a veteran English teacher, convinced me that I could handle the pressure […]

When it comes to sisters, I have the world’s greatest. And I didn’t come by them as easy as others do. Maybe that’s why I appreciate them more. You see, I was twelve when the first one was born. I had been praying for a sister since I was about five-years old, because my best […]

Reusing, Recycling and even Rebooting

Not to boast, but I’ve been reusing and recycling for several years now. Like most every one else in these green-conscious, environmental friendly days, I’m doing all I can not to be wasteful. In fact, when we moved to Wilmington two years ago, I asked the real estate broker were there any “green” houses we […]

The White Wine Society

“Wine is not a beverage. It’s a way of life.” I didn’t write this sentiment but I did buy the cocktail napkin. I also bought “Wine! My favorite dish.” Perhaps you get my drift. I enjoy nothing more than a chilled glass of chardonnay. But I’m not a wine snob. Frankly, I’m just not qualified. […]

Going Green (Gray)

As summer approaches and the southern summer furnace kicks up the heat above 100 degrees, I have decided to “GO GREEN.” Actually I am going GRAY. After more years than I care to recall, the monthly trips to “get my roots done” are over! Why didn’t I do this sooner? Oh, the money I will […]

The Tern

The storm never materialized into the ferocious rain that was predicted, and all we heard through the evening was the buzzing of insects and the soft taps of an occasional rain shower on the fly of the tent. The sweltering heat of the day before had broken as the front pushed its way out to […]

Glen’s Garden

We only met once, but I’ll always remember him. He was a tall man, thin to the point of being gaunt, with long gray hair. His slightly-stooped posture spoke of a life hard-lived; his eyes countered with friendliness and humility. If there was ever a guru atop a mountain, it was Glen. Glen’s garden was […]

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