“She won’t stop singing.” This wasn’t the news my mother was anticipating when she was called in for an impromptu conference with her youngest daughter’s kindergarten teacher. Relieved, my mother shrugged and replied, “She’s a happy child.” What my bemused mother couldn’t have foreseen that day was how routine this experience would become as Margaret […]


By Carol Kloskowski

My husband and I hate homework as much as our kids do. That’s why our planning calendar has a bright red circle around the date of the next school board meeting. We’ll be there with some serious complaints. Part of the homework our second grader Joey’s teacher sends home are easy-reader books she expects him […]

Lockness Diva

By Diane DeVaughn Stokes

For the first time in over thirty-five years, I am flat, not fluffy, and it just seems so weird. I’m talking about HAIR! When I look back on my follicle history, I have mostly had BIG hair, except for a few periods of my life. Up until I was two years of age, I had […]

Paula Deen and Me

By Connie Barnard

Isn’t it funny how life can jump up and cut you down to size? About the time you start feeling you really have arrived, the Fates just laugh down and zap you good. Let me tell you about my most recent experience with the gods of hubris. As many of you know from my previous […]

The Rut Antidote

By Janey Womeldorf

What if you wake up one day and your mood seems different? For no reason, an overwhelming sensation of feeling “unfulfilled” in life, tugs at your soul. You press on with your day, desperate to ignore the growing discontent corroding your normal, positive mood. You try to shake it but can’t; you try to smile […]

Cheese Stress

By Janey Womeldorf

My relationship with cheese spans 30 tumultuous years. Its presence in my fridge is a source of stress one day, yet a source of relief the next. It has been my console at pity parties and my reward at celebrations; it is my Achilles heel of food yet my savior in cooking, and if there […]

On Tuesday my husband of 10 years told me – over the phone, mind you – that he was no longer in love with me and he wanted out of our marriage; a marriage that had produced two children who were just three and six at that time. On Wednesday, I watched silently as he […]

Taking a Chance

By Susan DeBow

When I landed at Shannon Airport I knew what my luggage looked like. It looked like ninety percent of the other black suitcases bouncing down the slide and onto the carousel. I knew what was inside my luggage: clothes, shawls, workshop supplies, some makeup in case I wanted to drive through the Irish countryside in […]

It is momentous. Cause for celebration, for shouting from the rooftops. It is, very possibly, one of the reasons that life is worth living. The first tomatoes have ripened on my vines. And what that means – oh, be still my quivering heart – is the first tomato sandwich is soon to be consumed. I […]

I stepped off the rickety bus, looked around as it rumbled away, and realized I had no idea where I was. The bus had not taken the usual route alongside the ocean, and I was lost in the hills above Santiago, Colima, Mexico. Alone in a foreign country, I was acutely aware that my Spanish […]

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