Who’s Who

By Diane DeVaughn Stokes

I love dressing up! No, I’m not talking about evening gowns and high-heeled shoes with my hair piled high. That I hate. I love costumes. Just the word “masquerade” gets me all excited. Oh sure, Halloween has always been a barrel of fun for me, but it’s more fun to dress up for no reason […]

Thanks for the Mammaries

By Liz Pardue-Schultz

I’ve always had amazing boobs. One weekend in the 5th grade, I sprouted these C-cup masterpieces, much to the chagrin of my female classmates and the befuddled amusement of the boys. Years later, a childhood friend told me I’d been known as “the second girl in our town to need a bra,” which I wasn’t […]

Tattoos and the Older Woman

By Janey Womeldorf

“Aren’t you a bit old?” my husband gasped. “Where would you even put a tattoo?” “On my face,” I wanted to reply sarcastically. Deep down, I suspect he’s right but the idea of a tattoo is so deliciously wicked, I can’t get it out of my brain. It’s youthful and daring, and I’m not. You […]

It occurred to me recently while visiting my parents that life is like a box of soap. I was ready to jump into the shower when I realized that the gooey soap sliver lying in the dish wasn’t quite enough to lather my non-sliverish body. Yeah, I know – the bigger the body the bigger […]

Miss Hilarious

By Melissa Face

“You look like you could be Miss Delaware,” a strange man said as he gestured just to the right of me. “Actually, you’re even prettier.” The man was pointing to Chelsea, my cousin’s new girlfriend, who looked like she had stepped right off the stage of the Miss Universe contest. I should have been relieved […]

Frugal is More Fun

By Janey Womeldorf

“I wish I could work part-time,” she sighed, “But we can’t afford it.” Her tired, lackluster eyes told the rest of the story. The plague of ‘not enough time’ was a burden for women everywhere; she was no exception, and neither was I. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy working, I loved working. I loved […]

Let’s Celebrate

By Susan DeBow

I love to celebrate. I celebrate most anything anymore. A birthday? No question. The possibility of a good day today? That’s cause for a hallelujah! A notice from the doctor that the Pap test turned out fine? Ye-hah! Mind you, most of my celebrations do not involve a big party. And, many of my celebrations […]

Dawning of a New Day

By Diane DeVaughn Stokes

It dawned on me last week how embarrassing it is to buy a magazine these days. No, I’m not talking about Southern Living or Sasee, the last of the wholesome bunch. I’m talking about most of the others. Practically every magazine today has a cover that would fit into the risqué category. Speaking of “fit,” […]

The Final Plan

By Dee Orr

The moving van had just pulled away from the house when a lady in our new retirement community stopped and cheerfully welcomed us to “God’s little waiting room.” Waiting room? Yes, she explained, it’s just a matter of time before each of us living here is called to that great mansion in the sky. Her […]

Not the Gal He Married

By Linda O'Connell

Much like the first year of marriage, the first year of retirement can be stressful as partners adjust to their new arrangement. Add a menopausal woman and a broken thermostat (mine, not the furnace’s) to the equation and life can be a blast. My husband is now aware that I’m not the gal he married. […]

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