The Big Game

By Susan DeBow

It was one of those quiet days, the kind that allow you to catch up with time and life. After spending the previous week taking care of our 21-month-old grandson, and nearly three months of travel, we needed our bodies and minds to slow down and return to a slower rhythm. It was a late […]

Gift of Love

By Pat Solstad

When I was growing up, Mom never told me she loved me. She always seemed grumpy and didn’t often use kind or positive words when speaking to me – or at least that’s how I remember it. She was no doubt tired, raising ten rambunctious children. But, she was responsible to a fault in some […]

Speak Up Now or Forever…

By Janey Womeldorf

I heard a crackle, then the distinctive smell hit my nostrils. “You burned my hair!” she screamed. “Sorry, I thought the flame needed to be higher,” I replied, fighting the laughter about to consume me. It was back in our smoking days. My girlfriend had leaned in to the gas stove to light her cigarette, […]

“Here comes the bride, all fat and wide! Where is the groom, he’s in the bathroom,” sang my daughter and my very-soon-to-be stepdaughter. They looked absolutely adorable in their flower girl dresses. “Hey!” I said, shooting them a look in the rearview mirror. “When we get to that church and I put on my dress, […]

Three Weeks to Live

By Janey Womeldorf

“The news is not good. You only have three weeks to live.” And with that, her adventure begins. She quits her department store job, cashes in her IRA savings account and flies off, first class, to pursue what she had only dared dream about. This seemingly far-fetched, but not totally unrealistic, premise is the storyline […]

My cat has a present tense outlook on life. Everything is brand new, each day, each moment. In the morning, he goes outside with a joyful new-day leap, only to scratch to get in moments later. He runs to his bowl for a few bites, then meows to go out again, desperation in his voice. […]

A New Threshold

By Martha Wegner

Frankly, it was a little embarrassing. I was 45 years-old, and my parents were taking me on a vacation. But who was I to argue about a free trip away from the stresses of parenthood and daily life? At least we weren’t traveling in the family station wagon. This time, it was a big cruise […]

Calendar Girl

By Susan Harvey

January seems the logical time for new beginnings. I suppose that’s the reason we make resolutions on New Year’s Day instead of on Halloween. I’ve given up on resolutions because each year my new beginning quickly turns into a discouraging ending and leaves me feeling like a loser. I use the term loosely because my […]

Well, Christmas is right around the corner, or so it seems, and I’m stumped. I can’t find any Christmas tree lights, and it’s driving me crazy. Not only that, I’m driving Hubby Russell (Oscar the Grouch) crazy with my insistence: “Just pull in here honey. Trust me; this store (being the third one in an […]

The Package

By Janey Womeldorf

His fellow soldiers pointed, mocked and roared with laughter at the contents of his package, but he didn’t care. What he found inside brought him more joy than all the other mail put together. When you marry someone in the military, deployments are part of the deal. You pretend to be okay with it, to […]

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