The Wedding I Never Dreamed Of

After a day of dragging me around Charleston looking for bridesmaids dresses only to watch me shrug, tell her to wear whatever she was comfortable in, and ask if we could go by Sticky Fingers on the way home, my exasperated sister announced to everyone within earshot that I was “The Worst Bride EVER.” The […]

NPR and Mosquito Trucks

National Public Radio (NPR) made it official! On a recent broadcast they declared that there is no longer an authentic summer. The days of sultry air, cotton pajamas, sleeping porches and attic fans are a memory for Baby Boomers and others fortunate enough to have had these experiences. Air conditioning and instant ice tea quickened […]

One of Us

Our headlights bore straight through the window to the back of our house as Craig and I pulled in our driveway. “Did you leave the blinds open in the living room?” he asked. “And the bedroom?” “No,” I answered. “You know I wouldn’t leave the house open for strangers to peek in.” “Well one of […]

Fire and Lies

White hot. Scalding. Searing sharp poker red, blazing and blinding and burning. All that and more, and still I don’t quite capture the color of that night. Words won’t accurately speak the intensity of my anger. Or my pain. I had gone to spend the night with my mother after she’d come home from surgery. […]

What’s in a Name?

The names we choose for our children, pets or any animate object, affects our reality of them. Naming a thing makes you responsible for it, and on a recent trip to Georgia this was made abundantly clear. I’d been invited to speak at a writers’ conference in Athens, and I’d asked my friend, Marsha, to […]

The Proposal

As a child growing up in Texas, the month of August always conjures up memories of record breaking heat, droughts, and water use restrictions. Of course, the only effect water conservation had on us kids was whether we played in the water sprinklers on the odd or even side of the street. And when droughts […]

Swimsuit Stress

Summer is here which means it’s that time of year again – time to suck in that tummy for unnatural periods of time as you venture out in public in your swimsuit. It makes my back ache just thinking about it. Beach vacations are one thing, but it’s the dreaded pool-party invitation I hate – […]

No Common Sense

“That’s Kim, all right. She’s got plenty of book sense, but she doesn’t have a lick of common sense.” “Where’s Kim? She’s probably got her nose stuck in a book!” These and other similar comments are a strong thread in the fabric of my childhood memories. My father dropped out of school in fifth grade, […]

Inspiration often enters our lives from places we never expect. As a creative writing teacher at Forestbrook Middle School, it is my job to inspire young people everyday. I find joy in stirring young minds and feel blessed to get paid for it! Each student who enters my classroom touches my heart in a different […]

Nesting With the Turtles

The realm of travel takes us to different places to experience something new. Beaches are terrific places for daytime activities, but at night they are a part of nature’s playground, where the wet sand glistens in the moonlight, the waves gently lap upon empty stretches of beach and children and monster turtles get to come […]

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