I stepped off the rickety bus, looked around as it rumbled away, and realized I had no idea where I was. The bus had not taken the usual route alongside the ocean, and I was lost in the hills above Santiago, Colima, Mexico. Alone in a foreign country, I was acutely aware that my Spanish […]

A Chip Off the Old Block

By Kim Alden Mallin

Everyone has heard, or even said, variations on this theme. Those disparaging remarks such as, “you’re just like your mother,” or frustrated comments like, “I hate when Dad does that, I will never be like him.” Yet frequently we grow up to be just like those people we swore we would never become. Maybe that’s […]

One of the things that I hate about growing older is that you actually have to grow up. Anger is an emotion. Forgiveness is an action. So it would stand to reason quite simply that if someone makes you angry, you merely forgive and forget, right? Not necessarily. It’s really kind of satisfying in a […]

Beyond the Affair

By Gagandeep Kaur

My husband recently confessed to having an affair with a colleague. Though he had confessed to having an affair, he was clear that he wanted this marriage and would start making an effort to end all contact with her. I was shattered and extremely bitter about it and for days and months after that I […]

My parents didn’t love me when I was a kid. Anyone can see the neglect and utter embarrassment I suffered just by glancing through my childhood photo albums. Mission: Humiliate Melissa began when I was five and I received my first major haircut. It was a bowl cut and a very unattractive one at that. […]

Recently I found myself weeping with longing for my long-deceased parents…something I didn’t do at all when they were dying. As long as my parents lived, I resented them for being in my life. While they were dying, I blamed them for leaving me. Somewhere along the way, I must have forgiven them. That’s been […]

Open Hearts

By Kim Alden Mallin

I am racing through my house, grabbing pants and shirts, underwear and socks…hoping they’ll match as I stuff them into an overnight bag. Trying to pick things that will be comfortable for hours spent in the ICU waiting room. No matter how hard I try not to, I keep imagining my dad, wearing one of […]

“Why did he get that? I didn’t get one,” I said countless times throughout my childhood. “That’s not fair.” “Life will not always be fair,” my mother would say in her oh-so-patient voice. I hated when she said that. As a child, I wanted things to be fair. All the time. Even when it didn’t […]

The Big Game

By Susan DeBow

It was one of those quiet days, the kind that allow you to catch up with time and life. After spending the previous week taking care of our 21-month-old grandson, and nearly three months of travel, we needed our bodies and minds to slow down and return to a slower rhythm. It was a late […]

Gift of Love

By Pat Solstad

When I was growing up, Mom never told me she loved me. She always seemed grumpy and didn’t often use kind or positive words when speaking to me – or at least that’s how I remember it. She was no doubt tired, raising ten rambunctious children. But, she was responsible to a fault in some […]

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