Like most junkies, I didn’t think I was the one with the problem. My mom has been saving things for possible “craft projects” for years: margarine tub lids (for Christmas ornaments), socks with holes in them (for faux painting), broken dishes (for mosaics). Her latest gift to me was an old canning jar filled with […]

Remote Control

By Susan Harvey

In hindsight, I recognize many milestones in my life, but at the time they were happening, I viewed each event as a natural progression through life – high school graduation, marriage, childbirth, my daughters’ graduations and their weddings. However, when I decided to divorce my husband of twenty-five years, I knew this was not a […]

Sacred or Sinful?

By Janey Womeldorf

The U.S. Census Bureau recently reported that, for the first time in U.S. history, traditional married households are now the minority. Sssh! Don’t tell Grandma. I met my soul mate 19 years ago. His parents followed the politically-correct marital path. Mine did not – well, not at first anyway. They chose to start out their […]


By Judie Schaal

The other day I was meandering down the Personal Growth aisle in one of those huge, all encompassing book stores. I was searching for a book that would help a friend of mine deal with the passing of a loved one. After gazing at title after title, on shelf after shelf, I realized that there […]

A Grandmother’s Gift

By Sarojni Mehta-Lissak

On the summer solstice of 2005, I lost my 94-year-old maternal grandmother, Evelyn Brunel Carr. She had slowly been slipping away from us for at least five years, and though we knew her passing was expected, when it hit – it hit hard. Since then, I have done many things to keep her memory alive, […]

Our son drove his pickup truck filled with his stuff. We were in our Jeep filled with more of his stuff. From a computer to plastic stackable color-coordinated crates to extra-long sheets to a microwave appropriately sized for a dorm, the cost of a college education had taken on a completely different perspective. “Are you […]

Where There’s A Will…

By Tricia Sanders

There are worse things than spending a weekend with in-laws – like spending the weekend with all the in-laws. Especially since I chose the reunion location, and it turned out to be only a little higher-classed than the Bates Motel from Psycho. In our cabin we found holes in the wooden floor big enough for […]

Home on the Range

By Susan Harvey

As a writer, I do a lot of research, most of it surfing online or interviewing experts. Recently, I did hands-on research for a mystery I’m writing and, even though I faced it with dread and anxiety, I actually had fun and boosted my self-confidence by learning a new skill. I learned to shoot. That’s […]

A Toy for Jack

By Judie Schaal

It started innocently enough. Grandchild asks grandmother for toy. What grandmother wouldn’t go to the ends of the earth to satisfy the whims of her grandchild? In this case, however, the end of the earth was Vietnam, and the toy was a gun. My good friend, Sue Rielly, has a daughter, Maggi, who moved with […]

Traces of Life

By Libby Simon

It was the long, cold winter nights that made me do it. With my husband working late nights, and a pre-schooler asleep in her room keeping me housebound, what else could I do? I finally tackled the onerous task of sorting seemingly hundreds of musty old family photos that lay loosely scattered inside dusty, battered […]

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