Baseball on the Radio

By Susan DeBow

I used to think double header baseball games were God’s gift to summer. My dad and I used to spend hours in Crosley Field drinking lemonade, eating hot dogs and peanuts and watching the game. Well, my dad watched the game. With his transistor radio planted firmly by his ear, dad focused on the game, […]

Black Pants Syndrome

By Rita Richardson

I have an undiagnosed but fairly serious condition. You may have it too, or know someone who does. It’s quite widespread, and there seems to be no stopping it. It’s called the Black Pants Syndrome. I knew I had come down with it when I realized I had twenty-nine pairs of black pants in my […]

Passion and Wishful Thinking

By Janey Womeldorf

I think that passion – the smoldering, love-scene-type – is a fantasy created by movie companies to keep us in a state of wishful thinking. I know because I have never watched a movie up on the big screen where the heart throb suddenly cries, “Ooh, stop, stop, I’ve got cramp.” The fantasy is Richard […]

I swore I wasn’t ever going to invite my sister to another one of my weddings. After all, she was the only common factor in all of my weddings. Okay, maybe not the only thing, but most everything else was different. Different months…different nationalities…different zodiac signs…As far as I was concerned, the failure of my […]

Life’s Lessons

By Cathleen Korpela

Somewhere in the recesses of my mind I heard the siren. But it wasn’t until I’d flung the soapy dishwater into the bush and hung the dishtowel on the camper door that I thought, “Something must be wrong, he’s been gone too long.” He’d left the table abruptly, saying he didn’t feel right, and now […]

Brenda’s Voice

By Kim Mallin

I swore that the next time I found damp smelly clothes, left in the washer for way too many days; I was going to kill him. When I noticed one of my favorite photos lying on the table without its frame – and finding that frame downstairs in his room, sporting a picture of his […]


By Diane DeVaughn Stokes

She came into my life at a time I needed her most. In fact, she needed me even more. Some would say she was just a stray, nothing special, but to me she was priceless. Tora Lora, named after the Irish lullaby my mother use to sing to me and because she had jade green […]

Childless By Choice

By Janey Womeldorf

I don’t know when I decided not to have children. I think children decided not to have me. It’s not like with adults. Children know. I confess to having faked painful interest in conversations with adults, but it’s different with kids – they know if you’re genuine. Their “polite adult” radar can detect insincerity in […]

For Mom

By Dee Orr

Photos – snap shots – are a passion of mine. I’ve spent a lifetime preserving such meaningful events as the postman’s new mail truck, the color of our house shutters, or a neighbor’s do-it-yourself hair cut. There are those who would swear that I have a picture of every meal our family has eaten. I […]

OK, I admit it; I’d been harboring a secret desire to make that rite of passage – hosting an Open Garden – after which I would surely become a “real” gardener. One of the joys of belonging to a garden club is visiting other members’ gardens and returning home with creative juices boiling, lusting after […]

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