Welcome to 2018! The party is over and a good time was had by all. A new day – and New Year – has dawned! New Year’s Day is a wonderful time to plan and reflect on what YOU want from the upcoming year. Sasee has a few suggestions to get you started. Grab a […]

A Rose by Any Other Name

By Rose Ann Sinay

My husband and I drove around killing time, waiting to swoop into our granddaughter’s new day care to pick her up. Our daughter and her family had just moved into their new home in Connecticut and wanted to transition Mila-Rose into the unfamiliar place, full of unfamiliar faces, for just an hour or two a […]

Thanksgiving Traditions

By Leslie Moore

Chef Joseph Bonaparte “Food is important in our family,” said Chef Joseph Bonaparte, Executive Director of Horry Georgetown Technical College’s International Culinary Institute of Myrtle Beach. “My father died when I was seven, and a lot of the time I spent with my mother was in the kitchen. She just turned 86, and my sister […]

Turkey, Tofu and Sushi

By Joan Leotta

Both turkey and tofu are welcome at my Thanksgiving table. We, my husband and I, are confirmed “turketarians” (breast meat only) but our children did not hold to that. Jennie decided early on to boycott turkey and my delicious, New York Times inspired hazelnut stuffing. So, I began to make a ham for her and […]

Annie Nichols is a happy, bright four year old living in Murrells Inlet with her parents, Kelsey and Billy Nichols, and her almost two year old brother, also named Billy. Casual acquaintances would never notice the slight limp, or brace on her right leg, and would likely be shocked to know that four months ago, […]

It is an ordinary Tuesday in September, a pretty day, just before the calendar flips over to fall. I am at the grocery store, Food Lion, to be specific, having come for an ordinary mid-week shopping trip, just to pick up a few things. Well, that’s not exactly correct, the “ordinary” part. This shopping trip, […]

Table Talk

By Diane DeVaughn Stokes

Can we talk? Did you ever have a mental block about something and wondered why in the heck you could not remember how it was done? That’s how I am with technology and computer stuff. But so what? Luckily I am married to a techie who can help me every step of the way! However, […]

Giving Thanks for Being an American

By Raquel Stabinski-Leib

I waved good bye from my window seat in the plane. I saw the two bent figures in the lookout terrace of the Havana airport, and I gave free rein to the contained tears that had threatened for so very long to erupt from my eyes. My parents, my friends and my country, the entire […]

Just Joyful

By Diane Stark

“Diane, sit down,” my first grade teacher reminded me for the hundredth time. “You’ll need to be quiet too.” I wanted to be good. I really did. I loved my teacher, and I longed to please her. But sitting still for too long made me feel anxious inside. Like I might burst or something. And […]

At the sight of the first snowflakes floating down from gray skies, we began to pray for more. We went to bed with our fingers crossed as feathery white flakes coated the ground and trees. If we got lucky, there would be six inches on the ground by morning. At day’s first light, snow drifts […]

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