My mother’s sewing machine hummed all year but it leapt into overdrive in early November. She’d dig into her stash of dog-eared Family Circle magazines, locate a “DIY in 10-Minutes Thanksgiving Potholder” pattern, sit down at her Singer and sew serenely all afternoon. “I thought you might like this for your table, Val,” she’d say, […]


By Lola Di Giulio De Maci

When my brother was 21 years old, he walked out the door in his white Navy uniform on his way to the plane that would take him to a faraway land. Mom, Dad, my two sisters and I stood on the front porch steps, watching him disappear down the street and around the corner. Life […]

Living the American Dream

By Donna Volkenannt

On a cold January night in 1968, I zipped up the micro-mini dress I’d recently purchased and put on a pair of platform heels. I sprayed on Wind Song cologne and slipped into my long winter coat. Although I was nineteen years old and had a job as a clerk-stenographer at an Army installation in […]

Float Hopes

By Kay Hollyday Filar

Like many couples, my husband John and I met in college. We both had arrived at Westminster, a small liberal arts college in northwestern Pennsylvania, ready to “play the field” – John because he had had a steady girlfriend through much of high school; and me, because I hadn’t dated much at all. John wasn’t […]

For 36 years, The Dickens Christmas Show & Festivals has been a tradition for locals and visitors alike. More than 20,000 guests each year step into the Myrtle Beach Convention Center and experience a Victorian Holiday Marketplace, in true Dickens tradition, with vendors dressed in traditional Victorian costume and entertainment ranging from Punch and Judy […]

For some people, the tragedies of life are something to be pushed through or endured, but others use them to fuel creativity and make the world a better place. Brenda Turner is one of the latter. In 1992, Brenda’s friend, Cookie, was taking care of her invalid mother and searching for work she could do […]

Playing . . . in Time

By Jeffery Cohen

I come from a musical family. Although none of us really played an instrument of any kind, my father claimed to be some kind of virtuoso on the violin, having supposedly taken lessons in his youth. And if anyone questioned it, he’d climb up to our dusty attic to retrieve a beat up old fiddle with one […]

Just Like Bogie and Bacall

By Rose Ann Sinay

I get into my Camaro and practically fall into the seat it’s so low to the floor. I have to extend my body sideways, three quarters out of the vehicle to grab the long, heavy door to close it. I sit back for a moment to recover from the effort and turn the ignition key. […]

A Welcomed Uh-Oh

By Beth Pugh

It was late on a Friday night the night I met my Ryan. At nineteen, I should have been painting the town red, but I was in no shape to mingle that night. The anniversary of my mother’s death was just weeks away and sleep, no matter how sought after, would not grace me with […]

Proud Family Ties

By Diane DeVaughn Stokes

There are all types of families, more today than ever before, and they all have names. However, I am not talking about “blended” ones or anything like that. As a matter of fact, the family I want to tell you about has no parents or stepparents at all. No one shares the same blood, or […]

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