Traditionally Unique

By Leslie Moore

Your wedding reflects the two of you – and now more than ever, your choices can incorporate the beauty of your unique traditions. Brides traditionally carry a wedding bouquet, and some sources say the tradition of carrying a bouquet started in Ancient Rome where flowers were considered symbols of new beginnings, fidelity and fertility. But, […]

Three culinary herbs that grow well here in the Low Country are Thyme, Rosemary and Mint. Learn how to grow, cook and use them. Thyme Thyme is one of those herbs that most people enjoy. However, few people know how to use it. In addition to cooking with thyme, it is one of the main […]

Where the Heart Resides

By Rose Ann Sinay

I “skinnyed” my way through the stacked boxes populating our new home, looking for an uncluttered space to take a deep breath. This house had served as our get-away cabin for the past four years. It was fully furnished (flea-market style), and stocked with food and clothes enough to get us by for a week […]

When Fear Mushrooms

By Jeffery Cohen

Though my father was born in the city, he was a real farmer at heart. He would patiently wait out winter, anxiously anticipating spring. Once he was sure the last frost had past, he would pull out a shovel and start turning over the soil in his garden where he’d plant row after row of every […]

If you want to jump start the whole mid-life crisis experience, pop your youngest child on a plane that will fly over territory that’s spelled with letters in an alphabet you can’t sing a song to only to land half a world away in a place that’s flexing newly “nuclearized” fingers. In fact you can […]

China Tales

By Linda DeMers Hummel

My friend married into a family of means, New England types who for generations had been distinguished bankers and lawyers. They were known for keeping a stiff upper lip, a group who never discussed money, disease, or gossiped about anything worthy of gossip. And for generations no one had ever had to buy a set […]

“Cense,” the lady said. “Sense?” I repeated. “As in it makes sense?” “No. It’s spelled with a ‘C.’ C-E-N-S-E. It’s wine from New Zealand.” “Don’t they know how to spell in New Zealand?” I asked. “Careful. I used to live there.” I laughed. Susan went on to tell the meeting that this wine used up […]

Decades ago, in a psychology class, I learned that as we grow older we reminisce about events from our earlier years. This normal life review process doesn’t involve rejecting the present to live in the past. We needn’t mope around, hankering for the so-called Good Old Days. Rather, nature thoughtfully provides us with opportunity to […]

Food Equals Love

By Diane Stark

“What did you do for your birthday yesterday?” I asked him. “You brought cupcakes for my class, remember?” “Well, yeah, but what did you do last night? With your family?” He shrugged. “Nothing.” “Did your mom make something special for dinner?” He shook his head without looking at me. I ducked my head to catch […]

We all love going out to eat, and the Grand Strand is filled with delicious places that satisfy and delight.Sasee found a few unique eateries that promise a good time– let us know what you think! Good Day Café 819 Main Street Myrtle Beach 843-448-GOOD www.gooddaycafe.net Stop by for the good vibes and BUBBLE TEA! […]

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