Mother-Son Dance

By Erika Hoffman

The first time I watched a child of mine before the altar say, “I do,” I wondered where all the time I was supposed to have with him, as my son and I as his mom, had gone. In my mind, the years, like pages of a calendar fluttering by in a gust of wind, […]

A Hero for Halloween

By Diane Stark

“What do you want to be for Halloween this year?” I asked my then four-year-old son, Nathan. “Captain America,” he replied without missing a beat. “Our last name is Stark though,” I said. “I think it would be really cool if you were Iron Man because his real name is Tony Stark.” “Nope. I’m dressing […]

Songs to Dream On

By Rose Ann Sinay

Like many mothers-to-be (in the late 70s), I was delighted and stressed over decorating the nursery in genderless shades of yellow and green, and animal or alphabet themes. The ultrasound test that could tell you the sex of your baby was still a thing of the future. The absence of this (now) routine technology is […]

Why My Wedding Wasn’t on TV

By Linda DeMers Hummel

Weddings need themes these days. I know because I’m addicted to a TV show where four brides compete with each other for a honeymoon. As guests at each other’s weddings, they score things like food, dress and venue. Then they are interviewed on camera and go into great detail at exactly where the other brides […]

Wedding Reception Meltdown

By Diane DeVaughn Stokes

Most people cry at weddings. I think they were designed for us to do exactly that, especially if you consider the sappy classical or romantic music that is played. Purging is therapeutic, and therefore going to a wedding beats paying a psychiatrist for time spent on the couch! But no one cries at the reception. […]

Ivan sat on the stump of an old maple. It was almost midnight. He let his dobro sing as only that instrument can do. To his right a grand white oak grew with branches arched, having spent its long decades graciously with no competition for the sun. Just beyond its branches sat the moon, a […]

Unique Wedding Ideas

By Leslie Moore

In two words, Bays and Jackson Seagroves wedding was Uniquely Gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your special touches with Sasee. Making your wedding day as unique as possible sometimes proves challenging. Bays & Jackson began their lives together with a hearty helping of southern hospitality and tradition. Add Rustic Charm – Instead of traditional escort […]

Patricia and Don Atkinson love old things – and they also love attending estate sales and browsing in antique stores. Don, a retired computer programmer, and Patricia, a retired tour guide who has travelled all over the world, have always enjoyed creating something from nothing. “I think we see beauty where other people may not,” […]

Our Little Genius

By Diane Stark

“Guess what Jordan did last night?” I said to my co-worker. He smiled slightly. “What did the most amazing eight-month-old on the planet do last night?” I launched into a ten-minute description of the adorable thing my son had done the night before. At the end, I expected my co-worker to be as delighted as […]

The Joy of Decluttering

By Cheryl Maguire

“Does this spark joy?” I asked myself. Cradling an apple spice candle in my hand, I sniffed the top of it. The scent is gone probably from sitting in the attic for 15 years, I thought. It definitely isn’t sparking any joy. I tossed it in the overflowing trash pile. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying […]

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