Sun Sisters

By Carol Aluzzo

From the moment Janie introduced herself, I knew we were going to be friends. Both her husband and mine had just transferred to the company’s Long Island office from out of state and we were feeling awkward at a company party. We soon discovered that we were both married for a few years and, rather […]

Rollin’ on the River

By Sandy Nachlinger

When Hugh and his family invited me, my husband Bob, and our nine-year-old son Max on a float trip down the Lower Neches River in Southeast Texas, I had misgivings. Canoes had always looked iffy to me – unstable and dangerous – and I didn’t know the first thing about rowing. What would happen if […]

The Right Tool

By Diane Stark

“You know they put formaldehyde in that stuff, don’t you?” My mother-in-law asked, nodding at my can of diet soda. Even though the word “formaldehyde” immediately took me back to Frog Dissection Day in middle school biology class, I grinned and took a gulp. “Then my insides should be very well-preserved,” I said with faux […]

You can start with nothing. And out of nothing, and out of no way, a way will be made.  -Michael Beckwith The Sasee crew recently enjoyed a fun day on a little known part of the Waccamaw River, and was left in awe of the beauty found just seven miles from North Myrtle Beach. Located […]

Like Mark Twain said, “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society.” I guess my earliest encounter with fashion and style was at the age of seven. My folks felt that it was time for me to own my first suit so we rode over to “The American Shops,” a local clothing store. […]

The Queen of Yes

By Diane Stark

Last Friday, I had a million errands to run and a little boy who would’ve much rather stayed home and played. “I’m sorry, Bud, but you have to go with me,” I said. “Daddy’s not home from work yet, and I can’t leave you home by yourself.” Nathan sighed. “But I just got a new […]

Happy Feet

By Diane DeVaughn Stokes

Ahhhhh, happy feet! No I’m not talking about that movie with the dancing penguins! Summer is here, and I am finally back to wearing flip-flops and sandals where my feet can feel free and easy, making me feel free and easy all over too. They have told me many times how much they hate winter […]

We Found It!

By Rose Ann Sinay

We did it! After only a week of searching for a house in Connecticut halfway between my daughter and her family and my son and his, we found the place we could call home, where we could make wonderful memories with our granddaughters. The 1940s Adirondack style house, on three acres of land, boasted a […]

At the first sign of gray hair, many of us go straight to our stylist for color. And while this is a beautiful option, gray hair can be gorgeous! Veteran stylist and colorist, Daphne King, gave us some tips about returning to our natural shade. As we get older, the pigment cells in our hair […]

Snip, snip, snip. Scissors clicked away. My eyes were closed, as instructed. My ears alerted me to this cosmetic alteration. I felt her hand and the blade brushing my cheek. Why did I decide on a make-over only hours before my son’s uptown, out-of-state wedding: a make-over done by a stranger in a salon where […]

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