Passage to Anywhere

By Rose Ann Sinay

Our bucket list is a page long. It’s split into three columns: “his,” “hers,” and a space for a (happy?) compromise. The first item on my list is a trip to France – Paris – the heatbeat of the country. I want to see the Eiffel Tower. I want to walk under the great stone […]

All my life I’d wondered about the origin of my uncommon last name. A few years ago, a stranger’s Facebook post led me on a quest that differed from any vacation I’d ever taken. According to the post, all those with the last name Yanguas can trace their lineage to a small, eponymous town in […]

Well loved by readers, Connie Barnard was one of the first to grace Sasee with her fascinating interviews and stories. This month, to our great delight, Connie agreed to return to us with an update on her life! 15 years – Wow! What an honor it is to have been associated with Sasee since its first […]

Ma Raison d’ Etre!

By Erika Hoffman

“You’re to blame!” The voice on the line scolded, half laughing. “For what?” I answered. “My life!” “Huh?” “And my four siblings’ lives, too!” “Hold on, now!” “Mom told us the story. We exist solely because of you.” “Carol, what on earth…” “Dad changed his mind. When he married, he told Mom flatly he wanted […]

“Roller skating?” My friend asked, her mouth puckering a little bit. “I don’t know, it’s been maybe…twenty five years since I’ve done that.” “Me too. It will be fun,” I said, not sure it would but hoping so. “Isn’t it just like riding a bike?” I was looking for some new entertainment and since I was […]

Christmas in July

By Diane DeVaughn Stokes

Ah, July. This is a very important month for my adorable husband Chuck and me. It was July 28, 1983, when we had our first date. Well, it really wasn’t a date at all. It was a “Christmas in July” celebration at the Holiday Inn in Florence, South Carolina, and our fellow employees at WPDE-TV […]

Why We Run

By Melissa Face

When my husband and I signed up for a 5k race last winter, the first question our kids asked us was if we were going to win. Our older child, Evan, was especially concerned about how we were going to do in the race. “Well, do you think you will come in second?” Evan asked. […]

“Where are we going, Mom?” My siblings and I asked from the backseat of our woody station wagon. But Mom just smiled like she had a big secret. Finally, she stopped the car at a place called the Humane Society.  “Where are we?” I asked. Mom smiled again. “You kids have been begging for a […]


By Jeffery Cohen

I’ve been to all sorts of outdoor concerts – symphony orchestras playing show tunes beneath a gazebo by the sea, opera arias sung from band shells in a park, impromptu guitar and banjo duos twanging in a village square, but none of them could ever compare to a little concert I attended in 1968: The Woodstock Music […]

Yodel Little Lady Who?

By Linda O’Connell

When I was six and Dad was six foot two, he jingled his pocket change to a tune in his own head, played the guitar by ear, his life by a hunch. He wasted time and every dime, sipped scalding coffee from a saucer and warbled songs about his little girl. He reared his head, raised his […]

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