Kissing Frogs

By Michelle Paris

About a year after being widowed, my friends encouraged me to enter the terrifying and intimidating world of online dating. “You’re so young and such a great catch,” they’d say. At forty, it was true I was looking at half a lifetime ahead of me. “If I were single, I would do it,” my married […]

I needed Blue Coral Wash and Wax. Walmart carries it. It was late. I asked my husband to accompany me because folks who could be type-cast in Night of the Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, or Orange is the New Black stalk the aisles of this cavernous building. So, we drove, parked, and entered the gaping […]

Discontinued . . .

By Lisa Nelson

For a woman, it can take a lifetime to find that go-to lipstick. The one that makes her feel as though she can face any job interview, hot date or blistering break-up. The one that transforms her from ordinary to extraordinary with one creamy swipe across her lips. I found mine the summer after my […]

As Father’s Day draws near, like so many, I think about my Dad. I remember him to be a man of honor, courage and heart – a kind, loving father – but I have to admit, I didn’t always see him that way. When I was a kid, I referred to my father as “my […]

Dad, Chicken and Sparklers

By Susan Sundwall

Few things excited Dad more than an upcoming celebration. He had a great imagination and a sense of fun that permeated the air around us for weeks. Even for lesser celebrations he would enthuse. I learned how to pronounce Punxsutawney from Dad. Groundhog’s Day deserved at least that. He also delighted in reading candy hearts […]

Sasee Styles

By Leslie Moore

We all have that friend…you know the one, she always shows up looking fabulous,whether you’re going to the gym or to a formal event. And she’s the one we want with us when we choose that all-important outfit for an important occasion. Sasee asked three of these stylish women to talk about their personal fashion […]

Growing Older . . . Beautifully

By Katie O’Connell

I have a confession. I’m having a love affair:  No, not that kind. I adore my husband, despite his never-changing wardrobe and inability to dance. Instead, this is a love affair with me, myself, and I. And though it might sound odd at first reading it’s the kind of love I’ve always looked for but […]

Pretty Chameleons

By Rose Ann Sinay

When my mother was eight months pregnant, my father flew to Japan which was to be our new military assignment. My mother and I had to wait until the baby was born before we could join him. I figured I would miss about two weeks of the coming school year. I was happy about that […]

Spreading Joy  and Faith: Abbi Neal

If you’ve watched Not the News or Carolina AM on WFXB FoxTV, you’ve seen the bubbly and adorable Abbi Neal, co-host of both shows with Greg Rowles. Behind the scenes, Abbi is just as friendly and fun, and her strong faith inspires her to give back to her community, spreading joy and love to all […]

Why Are You Looking Up Here?

By Linda DeMers Hummel

Why Are You Looking Up Here?

It took a few years for Uncle Tom to remodel his kitchen. Maybe it was only months (life moved more slowly when I was a kid), but every time we’d visit, there was a tarp hanging somewhere or an open bucket of paint on the floor. Toward the end of the project, the only part […]

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