A Hole in my Map

By Rose Ann Sinay

I am directionally challenged. A long list of verbal instructions used to send me into a panic. As soon as multiple route numbers and four-lane highways were mentioned, my ears filled with cotton. Multiple directions – a left, a right, and another left – the words unconsciously sent my hands into a flurry as I […]

Summer means working or relaxing for most college students, but for some, summer is a time to make a difference. Sasee recently met with a group of ten rising sophomores from Duke University who spent their summer in Georgetown County working with various non-profits. All of these bright young people are from North or South […]

A year after my brother had transferred from a college in West Virginia to one in New Jersey, he began to miss his old classmates that he’d left behind. During his semester break, he decided to take a road trip back to his old school and invited me to come along. “A road trip? Where […]

The rule in our house for travel has always been the same. Each person’s responsible for toting personal luggage. Unless I was eight months pregnant or in a full leg-cast with crutches, I knew my porter would be me. This wasn’t a problem when we were young and usually schlepped backpacks. We traveled Europe with […]

A Cup Half Empty

By Erika Hoffman

Trudging down an endless, dusty road to the tour bus parking lot on a stifling summer day in Italy, I complained to one of my traveling companions about the heat, my feet, and the lengthy bus drives. Pam stopped and stared at me. “Erika, you always see the cup as half empty!” This remark startled […]

Egg Boats

By Betsy L. Haase

No one knew at the 4th of July picnic that my husband of almost 25 years had just walked out the door less than a day ago. Everyone believed the story he had to work that day as my teenage daughter and I arrived wearing denim and patriotic t-shirts from Old Navy bearing our usual […]

Wake Up Call

By Diane DeVaughn Stokes

There are so many happy songs about summer, and why not? Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are filled with cookouts, boating, swimming, sprawling out on the beach with a good book, ice cream, friends and relatives coming to visit – and did I mention ice cream? It really is the best time of […]

Margaret and  the Diamond Key Mystery Written by Marsha Tennant with Lyric Bailey and Illustrated by Amy Crane Join Margaret, Mad Maverick and the crew of the Howling Queen as they set sail in search of the Diamond Key booty. A merpup, two funky felines and a mysterious stowaway add to the adventure. Will they be […]

Twenty-twenty vision was mine until age 42. The morning after I turned 42, I woke to blurry eyesight, not due to any celebratory libation the night before. I saw the optometrist. He diagnosed bifocals, and for the next twenty years every photo taken of me is of a bespectacled person. As time passed, my prescriptions […]

Sun Sisters

By Carol Aluzzo

From the moment Janie introduced herself, I knew we were going to be friends. Both her husband and mine had just transferred to the company’s Long Island office from out of state and we were feeling awkward at a company party. We soon discovered that we were both married for a few years and, rather […]

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