With the holiday in full swing, many of us can expect to celebrate with long-held traditions and family gatherings. Typically, we picture a multi-generational family staying together under one roof, for some, it’s traveling far and wide to be together, and for many, busy with work and family, relying on the advances of technology like […]

M ost of us love old things – they reinforce our connection with the past, carrying treasured memories through generations of users. The hutch that belonged to your grandmother, a set of china inherited from your great-aunt, any number of “things” that are so much more than just objects. Steve Rothrock, an antiques dealer with […]

“Nathan, why haven’t you worn your new Star Wars shirt yet?” I asked. My nine-year-old son came into his room where I was filling his clothes organizer with outfits to wear to school in the days ahead. But for the last three weeks, the same outfit had remained in the organizer. I didn’t understand why. […]

In this issue, we discover that wonderful moments create magical memories and 2018 has been a wonderful year for several of our South Carolina authors. Nathalie Dupree, Valerie Sayers, John Blake White, and Mary Alice Monroe were all inducted into the South Carolina Literary Hall of Fame. While Aida Rogers won a Silver IPPY Award, […]

Along with a whale, a truck and a lion. Our bathroom has been transformed from a room for performing perfunctory daily ablutions to a playground for wayward plastic and rubber critters. My morning trek through the land mine of a living room, boasting scattered building blocks in the semi-dark before coffee, often results in a […]

Turkey for Two

By Mary Ellen McGinty Collins

With Thanksgiving just two weeks away, I decided to explain sympathy invitations to my newly divorced colleague, John. I was single with a salary that didn’t support frequent trips from Boston to see my family in Pennsylvania, so I often received offers to join friends for special occasions. I assumed they felt sorry for me […]


By Erika Hoffman

The day before Turkey Day, an editor friend wrote and asked what I was doing for Thanksgiving. None of my four kids were coming home. Three are married and don’t live nearby, and two of them had plans with in-laws; one an overseas trip to take, and the oldest, a manager, works in the restaurant […]

Why I Go Camping

By Melissa Face

“Why do you want to go camping?” my friend Dawn asked. I thought about the question. I don’t love camping. I really don’t even like it. My family didn’t camp as a form of vacationing when I was a child; we stayed in hotels like civilized people. Camping is really not something I long to […]

Loved and Lost

By Gina Benson

Six years have gone by since my mother-in-law left this earth. If you’re a long time Sasee reader you may remember her – she was featured in an August 2011 article entitled “Jean Benson – Beyond Hospice, a Modern Day Miracle,” written by Leslie Moore. If you’re new to Sasee I encourage you to read it, […]

Mother-Son Dance

By Erika Hoffman

The first time I watched a child of mine before the altar say, “I do,” I wondered where all the time I was supposed to have with him, as my son and I as his mom, had gone. In my mind, the years, like pages of a calendar fluttering by in a gust of wind, […]

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