Dawning of a New Day

By Diane DeVaughn Stokes

It dawned on me last week how embarrassing it is to buy a magazine these days. No, I’m not talking about Southern Living or Sasee, the last of the wholesome bunch. I’m talking about most of the others. Practically every magazine today has a cover that would fit into the risqué category. Speaking of “fit,” […]

The Final Plan

By Dee Orr

The moving van had just pulled away from the house when a lady in our new retirement community stopped and cheerfully welcomed us to “God’s little waiting room.” Waiting room? Yes, she explained, it’s just a matter of time before each of us living here is called to that great mansion in the sky. Her […]

Not the Gal He Married

By Linda O'Connell

Much like the first year of marriage, the first year of retirement can be stressful as partners adjust to their new arrangement. Add a menopausal woman and a broken thermostat (mine, not the furnace’s) to the equation and life can be a blast. My husband is now aware that I’m not the gal he married. […]

Me, the Movie Queen

By Susan DeBow

I confess. I always wanted to be an actress. Emoting to improve the world condition seemed to be a worthy cause. If I could be an actress there would be no more wars, cancer would go “poof,” children would never starve and bad people would be inspired to turn their lives around and make bandages […]

A walk on the beach is usually an escape for me. It allows me the luxury to get lost in my thoughts. I’ll leave my solitary life to join others, but not necessarily to be with them. It is my time for respite and reverie as I walk on the flourlike sand of the Carolina […]


By Jean Matthew Hall

Does anyone actually like spiders? Seriously. I don’t know anyone who thinks they are cute and cuddly. Oops! I must retract that statement. One of our sons went through a spider-snake-creepy thing stage. He gave it up, though, when both his Tarantula and his 20-foot-long reticulating Python died. Seems they are delicate creatures and highly […]

It is January 2004. I am unemployed, single and clueless about what to do, where to go and how I’m going to live the rest of my life. Six months ago, I sold the stock, the shelving, the cash register, the doormat and everything else that would scrounge up a nickel, from a gourmet food […]

Am I Sudoku Challenged?

By Sharon Struth

A cartoon on my refrigerator shows a middle-aged man standing on a step ladder wallpapering the bathroom with Sudoku puzzles lying in piles all around him. His wife and her friend look on while he wallpapers and the caption reads, “We finally found a use for those completed Sudoku puzzles.” Every day when I pick […]

Cool, calm and collected – I wish I could say those adjectives describe me. I’ve always admired people who remain calm under pressure and aren’t easily riled. But unfortunately, I am prone to overreacting. I am known to fly off the handle, and instead of cool, calm and collected, I would be better described as […]

We’re Worth It

By Diane Stark

I woke up early to a gorgeous July morning. The sunlight was already streaming through my window, and I knew it was going to be an absolute scorcher. As I padded down the hallway to the kitchen – and the coffee pot – I could hear my children discussing what they were going to do […]

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