Mama’s Got Her Red Dress On

I’m getting ready to go out again – red dress, silver hoop earrings, black pumps. My children plead, “Mom, do you have to go? Can’t you just stay home tonight?” Lest you think I’m a middle-aged harlot sneaking off to the bars, let me set you straight. I’m off to choir. Yes, folks, mama’s gone […]

The Tea Party

My induction into the world of tea began with a gift from my mother – a beautiful cobalt blue tea set she had purchased on a trip to Japan. The tea set came in a satin-lined white leather box. The cups, saucers and teapot were delicately hand-painted in their rich cobalt blue color with a […]

I have always loved the phrase, “do the scary thing,” the idea that when faced with two choices you should choose the one that most frightens you. Unfortunately I found it difficult in practice. If anyone was born to be a stable and reliable company girl it was me; my mother worked as a third […]

A Perfect Day

The date was June 10, 1996 – a Monday – it was the perfect day. My conscience feels obliged to add, “of course, my wedding day was also perfect” but the reality is wedding days require work, attention and worry. June 10 required none of that. The story started months earlier when a change in […]

A Stitch in Time

It’s happening again. I placed a piece of red, blue and green plaid on top of a floral print on a white background. That’s when my mother said, “Susie, plaids and florals don’t go together.” I shrugged my shoulders, snickered and continued unfolding and folding my stash of fabric that I have collected the last […]

Busy Signal

Our marriage was perfect. Twenty-four years of wedded bliss until Saturday, September 6, forevermore to be known as “Black Saturday.” Dropping me off at The Market Common to emcee the Beach, Boogie and Barbeque Festival, my husband headed south to Georgetown to purchase the iPhone. He had researched it for months and salivated, just like […]

Soul Survivors

When I was a teen, I thought myself a poet, pathetically misunderstood by my parents and society. As a college student, I thought myself not quite as brilliant as at 15, but still intellectually astute, industrious and capable of great deeds. As a young mother, I thought myself one of the most inept women who […]

It’s Fruitcake Weather

This memory for the author is so vivid that years later he is able to evoke every detail that embraced his senses and soul. He takes the reader by the hand into the small and simple kitchen of his eccentric cousin, Sook. Buddy was seven and Sook sixty-something, but their hearts and minds were on […]

A Sheep on My Back

Some people have monkeys on their backs; I have a sheep on mine. I just love yarn. I love to knit with it, and I love to buy it. Unfortunately, it takes a lot less time to buy yarn than it does to knit it up; so I have way more yarn than I have […]

Christmas Magic

I am one member of a family of magicians. They don’t pull rabbits out of hats, perform card tricks, or make people disappear. What they can do is even more breathtaking. My family is capable of creating Christmas magic that can leave the average person amazed and bewildered well into adulthood. One Christmas Eve, when […]

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