From the Editor

Letter from the Editor: It’s About Time

My musical tastes have always been varied and eclectic. I still love the loud rock and roll of my youth, but only occasionally when I’m feeling nostalgic. I am still stirred by Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto, and the almost painful beauty found in the music of Miles Davis. There is very little music I don’t like. […]

Letter from the Editor: Playing By the Rules

For me, swimming in the ocean is a spectacular way to spend an hour or so. It’s a great way to cool off and riding the waves is fun – I like boogie boards, too. I used to run with a group every Saturday morning, and, in the heat of summer, we would run Pawleys […]

Letter from the Editor: If You Can’t Stand the Heat…

I’ve always been one of those people who thrive in the heat – the hotter the better has always been my mantra. And, through the years, I have never understood why some people (mostly coworkers) have insisted on keeping it so cold inside during the summer months; I mean really, why have the thermostat set […]

Letter from the Editor: All Dolled Up!

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of watching my beautiful and stylish mother get dressed to go out with my father. I would stare at her while she applied her make-up, and, usually, she would put a little lipstick on me. I think that’s when my love of beauty products was born. This month, […]

Letter from the Editor: Passengers

As most of us do who live along the Grand Strand, I love the beach. Growing up in Charlotte, N.C., my family visited various North and South Carolina beaches several times a year, and my parents finally moved our family here in the ’70s. Photos taken on one beach or another fill my albums and […]

Letter from the Editor: From This Day Forward

I have two weddings to attend this month – on consecutive days, so I’m going to be really busy having fun that weekend! Both couples are so much in love; it will be a joy to see them unite. But, as usual, I can not decide what to wear. The first wedding is at 5 […]

Letter from the Editor: Mother Earth

Like most mothers, I think my children are the best things I’ve ever done – hands down. My daughter, now an adult and living her own life, is a lovely young woman whom I adore. She’s smart and happy and doing fabulously well – a job well done in my opinion. My son is also […]

Letter from the Editor: Metamorphosis

I have too many houseplants. They are so much fun, and never look as big, or as numerous, in their summer, outside home under my live oak tree in the back yard. I never realize my lack of good judgment until I actually bring them in my tiny little house. Right now, you have to […]

Letter from the Editor: Cha Ching!

I received this link in an e-mail recently, You enter your income, and it tells you where you rank, richest to poorest, in the world’s population. I was shocked to find out I am in the top three percent! And, I am definitely not wealthy by any of the standards I’ve used to measure […]

Letter from the Editor: Bedazzling

Nearly all of the Sasee women I know love to dress up in a truly beautiful, flattering outfit, with just the right accessories, including, of course, the perfect pair of shoes, and go out for a special evening of celebration. It’s one of our favorite things about the holidays. Then, after New Year’s Eve, it’s […]

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