From the Editor

The word “heart” is used to express nearly all aspects of the human experience. Think about the phrase, “didn’t have the heart,” used to convey a lack of courage, but then consider that “take heart” means to gain courage. You “set your heart” on what you want, and “cross your heart” to express sincerity, but […]

January is a month of optimism; a fresh start. While many of my friends and colleagues use electronic date books and calendars, I still love my old-fashioned paper one. It feels so good to open that new, blank calendar and imagine all of the possibilities waiting in those yet-to-be-used pages. As I go through and […]

Can you believe that another year is nearly over? I love the holidays, even when I’m tired from shopping and staying out too late enjoying friends and family. Still, I know that I am blessed with good health, lots of love in my life and the promise of a bright tomorrow. One of the things […]

In this issue, our writers and staff have penned, photographed and chronicled many things that call forth memories. But, for me, it has always been music. Put Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in the CD player, and I am instantly transported back to my years of piano lessons and learning to love classical music. That’s a good […]

I have struggled with self-confidence issues off and on for most of my life, as have the majority of the women I know. I’ve asked for, and received, a ton of advice, most of it good, but the one thing that has helped me the most is remarkably simple. I shift the focus from how […]

To me, September has always been the month of new beginnings. That may be because I’ve had a child in school for more years than I’m willing to admit, but it is more than that. Something about September compels me to attempt something new. It may be something as simple as creating a more pleasant […]

Dear Readers, In today’s world it is incredibly easy to communicate. We can with a few clicks, send a card marking any special occasion, let a friend know we care or just send a quick hello. But the handwritten note on beautiful stationary still means so very much more. If someone you care for needs […]

Many of my friends and co-workers are going, or have been, on wonderful trips recently – traveling to exotic sounding places and doing interesting things like scuba diving, studying birds and just taking in the sights. All of this is wonderful, and I hope to take a trip of my own soon, but what about […]

At 41 years old, I suddenly became a widow, and life as I knew it ended abruptly. In the space of one phone call, “Come quickly, he’s dead,” I became the single mother of a 10 year-old son and 19 year-old daughter; I was alone and beyond heartbroken. Through the years we had become like […]

This month we celebrate Mother Nature and all she has to offer. In May, Mother Nature wants us to come out and play and kindly provides thirty-one great opportunities to do so. So go outside! Mother Nature is calling! This issue of Sasee is the perfect companion to a restful afternoon in the hammock or […]

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