From the Editor

Letter from the Editor: First Steps

It’s January dear readers! A month of new beginnings and cozy sweaters and (finally) time for reading good books. But January isn’t most people’s favorite month, even though I believe it should be. I love January for many reasons – the first is that it’s my son’s birthday month. I received one of the two […]

Letter from the Editor: Dazzle & Delight

This photo of me and my youngest granddaughter, Ellis, was taken last year on Thanksgiving Day in Baltimore. My daughter, son-in-law, Ellis, her sister Quinn and I went to a fun restaurant for the holiday meal. The girls were restless, naturally, at two and three years old their attention span is limited. Hoping to distract […]

Letter from the Editor: Everyday Miracles

A few weeks ago, I left the office, went home, changed and headed out for a walk. I walked on the beach, enjoying the mild day and gorgeous view. After I returned home, I relaxed on the porch, another of my favorite places, enjoying the sunset with Bubba Kitty purring on my lap. At first, […]

Letter From the Editor: Melodies & Memories

Most of us who love music have a soundtrack for the different times in our lives, and hearing even the first few bars of a song can instantly brings back memories. The soundtrack of my childhood was varied – the fast-paced fun of bluegrass that my father loved, or my mother’s preference of standards by […]

Letter From the Editor: Joy & Mirth

I stopped by the grocery store on my way home from the office the other day, something I frequently do, especially since my son came home from his French adventure. Feeling tired and not at all excited to be shopping, I hurriedly pushed my cart up and down the aisles, grabbing what I needed with […]

Letter From the Editor: The Great Escape

Every year, in July or August, I go to the North Carolina Mountains with two good friends. Another friend owns the picture perfect mountain cabin – no cell phone service, no internet, no cable television – just a beautiful mountain stream and time to enjoy it. My trip is coming up this month, and I […]

Letter From the Editor: Celebration Time!

As a lifelong lover of the summer season, July is a month I always enjoy – starting with celebrating our country on July 4th with picnics, the beach, parades and more. We’re also very excited to be celebrating Sasee’s birthday in this issue! For 15 years Sasee has been delighting readers with great ads, fun […]

Letter From the Editor: Ordinary Beauty

One of the joys of summer, for me, is being on the beach more.  While I do go when the weather is cooler, the summer is always more fun. Almost every morning I leave my house and head down to get some exercise and enjoy the peace and beauty of the ocean.  This morning I […]

Letter From the Editor: Memorable People

Hilda is the mother of one of my oldest friends. She’s 93 and lives with Kathy and her family – and she has Alzheimer’s. When I was in my early 20s, Hilda was a petite, pretty, well-dressed woman with the sweetest smile that effectively disguised the no nonsense strength underneath.  Honestly, I was a little […]

Letter From the Editor: Showers and Succulents

While I was doing a big cleanup in my front yard last weekend, I realized that my little patch of ground has changed. For all the years I’ve lived there, it’s been very shady with only a few hours of morning sun to keep the hydrangeas and impatiens happy. I never got to plant zinnias […]

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