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Originally from North Carolina, I was less than happy when my parents moved from Charlotte to Surfside Beach when I was in high school. Even though I had grown up coming to the beach for vacations, it was a completely different experience to be so far away from my friends. I didn’t know anyone, so […]

Through next spring, my son is living and working in France, in a small town about a four hour train ride south of Paris. Aside from recent events, which have not affected his village, he is happy teaching English to high school students and exploring a new corner of the world. As a small boy, […]

Most of you were probably taught, like me, that handwritten letters and notes are important, and always the best way to communicate heartfelt thanks and greetings. I still believe that, but I have learned that a newsy email or text from a friend or family member can have great meaning. My son left for France […]

We all have things that we love in our homes – some have tangible value and some are only important to us. After years of living in the same house, I have accumulated much more than I need and am ready to do some serious clearing away of unnecessary items – for honesty’s sake, I’ll […]

The company that owns Sasee, Strand Media Group, also manages a non-profit, Pawleys Island Festival of Music & Art. All of us work hard making each year’s event a success, and my duties include making arrangements for and taking musicians into our local schools to do workshops and concerts. I love seeing how talented many […]

Each month, writers from all over the country, and even the world, share their lives with Sasee readers through their writing –and reading these well crafted essays is fun, a lot like sitting down for a visit with a good friend. Many of these talented women (and a few men) have been submitting their work […]

July is my favorite month of the year for several reasons – it’s my birth month, it’s summer (my favorite time of year) and it starts off with a lighthearted holiday that offers a day of stress free excitement. My agenda is much the same every year. Living in Pawleys Island makes the planning ridiculously […]

When we talk about fashion, our focus is mainly on seeing and touching the colors and textures of clothing, shoes and jewelry. And, rightly so, but, for me, another important accessory is fragrance. Even though I love classic scents, for the past few years my “cologne” has been a mixture of natural products and essential […]

I’ve been a mother for 34 years, and, like most mothers, the role of mother is a large part of who I am. My oldest child, my daughter, Shawn, was born when I was very young and knew nothing about babies. Everything about her was miraculous to me – I would stare at her for […]

My parents were married in the late1950s, and their marriage was fairly typical of the times. My mother didn’t work outside the home, but boy did she work around the house. A true homemaker, my mother shopped, cooked, cleaned and ironed absolutely everything. (Can you imagine ironing underwear?) She even hired someone to help her […]

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