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This Mother’s Day I will not be with either of my children. They both live too far away for frequent visits, but, we keep in touch and stay connected in a variety of ways. My favorite is my mobile phone – it regularly makes a special sound that, without fail, brings a smile – it’s […]

We continue our journey through the Grand Strand this month with a stop in Murrells Inlet, a little piece of heaven on earth. In my late teens and early 20’s I lived in the Inlet, and worked for Maxine Oliver Hawkins at Oliver’s Lodge in Murrells Inlet, waiting on tables. It was a demanding job, […]

Years ago, when I was attending what was then Coastal Carolina College, I would drive to class on Highways 707 and 544 from the south end of the Grand Strand. Nearly every day I was stopped by the Socastee Swing Bridge. A line of traffic would stall while the bridge slowly opened and closed allowing […]

This month, Sasee focuses on one of everyone’s favorite topics – romance! In the pages of this issue, you’ll find essays about love, ways to wine and dine your beloved and more. But, what if you are without a partner? What then? For me, at least, it’s a little disheartening to see everyone paired in […]

Originally from North Carolina, I was less than happy when my parents moved from Charlotte to Surfside Beach when I was in high school. Even though I had grown up coming to the beach for vacations, it was a completely different experience to be so far away from my friends. I didn’t know anyone, so […]

Through next spring, my son is living and working in France, in a small town about a four hour train ride south of Paris. Aside from recent events, which have not affected his village, he is happy teaching English to high school students and exploring a new corner of the world. As a small boy, […]

Most of you were probably taught, like me, that handwritten letters and notes are important, and always the best way to communicate heartfelt thanks and greetings. I still believe that, but I have learned that a newsy email or text from a friend or family member can have great meaning. My son left for France […]

We all have things that we love in our homes – some have tangible value and some are only important to us. After years of living in the same house, I have accumulated much more than I need and am ready to do some serious clearing away of unnecessary items – for honesty’s sake, I’ll […]

The company that owns Sasee, Strand Media Group, also manages a non-profit, Pawleys Island Festival of Music & Art. All of us work hard making each year’s event a success, and my duties include making arrangements for and taking musicians into our local schools to do workshops and concerts. I love seeing how talented many […]

Each month, writers from all over the country, and even the world, share their lives with Sasee readers through their writing –and reading these well crafted essays is fun, a lot like sitting down for a visit with a good friend. Many of these talented women (and a few men) have been submitting their work […]

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