From the Editor

I’ve been a mother for 34 years, and, like most mothers, the role of mother is a large part of who I am. My oldest child, my daughter, Shawn, was born when I was very young and knew nothing about babies. Everything about her was miraculous to me – I would stare at her for […]

My parents were married in the late1950s, and their marriage was fairly typical of the times. My mother didn’t work outside the home, but boy did she work around the house. A true homemaker, my mother shopped, cooked, cleaned and ironed absolutely everything. (Can you imagine ironing underwear?) She even hired someone to help her […]

I was talking with a friend of mine recently, and as the topic moved to our children, she told me, laughing, that when her children were young she always said, “It will be easier when they’re 18.” Now that all of our children are well beyond that magical age, we know that nothing really changes […]

Nothing I thought about aging when I was young has proven to be correct. Nothing. As I journey through my 50s, I keep waiting to “feel” older…and it just hasn’t happened (thank goodness). By this age, I thought I would have life completely figured out…that hasn’t happened either. What I have found is that the […]

As an only child, growing up I spent a lot of time alone; much of it in the branches of a towering sweet gum tree with a book. The branches were twisted near the middle of the tree, my favorite place, and made a perfect seat from which I would pretend I was in a […]

Our Sasee theme this month is “Gifted,” and I started thinking about my favorite gifts through the years. Yes, I do love those little boxes with precious metals and stones inside, but I think my favorite gifts always include time spent with those I love. Two of my close friends and I plan a get […]

I am a former news junkie; one who kept the television tuned to a major news channel for several hours each day. While reading a book on personal development, I came across a suggestion to eliminate television news for a time and see what happened. I did it, and the change was amazing. I’m much […]

Cooler weather means the end of my typical summer activities, but this time of year I always find myself enjoying being at home in comfortable clothes doing things I put off during the summer – and not just deep cleaning either, even though I will get around to that as well. Rearranging furniture, making small […]

Making and buying my own natural cleaning and beauty products has been a passion of mine over the past few years. Through (a lot) of trial and error, I’ve learned to make a great laundry soap, an all purpose spray cleaner, a to-die-for body balm, a simple face powder and even sunscreen. My next project […]

I don’t believe I’ve ever lived without a furry companion; dogs, cats or both, but usually only one at a time. In 2001, my family suffered a great loss and, honestly, we were falling apart. That’s when the dogs started pouring into my life. I already owned a sweet little mutt, and though her love […]

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