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Making and buying my own natural cleaning and beauty products has been a passion of mine over the past few years. Through (a lot) of trial and error, I’ve learned to make a great laundry soap, an all purpose spray cleaner, a to-die-for body balm, a simple face powder and even sunscreen. My next project […]

I don’t believe I’ve ever lived without a furry companion; dogs, cats or both, but usually only one at a time. In 2001, my family suffered a great loss and, honestly, we were falling apart. That’s when the dogs started pouring into my life. I already owned a sweet little mutt, and though her love […]

A few weeks ago, on Father’s Day, I was riding along the Blue Ridge Parkway with two good friends. Marcia, Gail and I spent a long weekend at another friend’s mountain cabin and had decided to spend the day hiking and seeing a few of the spectacular sites along this scenic highway. I hadn’t been […]

Every month, I come up with a list of questions for our Sasee interviews, and this month I asked everyone to define elegance. Without exception, the answers were thoughtful and interesting. One person told me this was a very challenging question, and after giving it some thought, I agreed. Elegance is defined in many ways, […]

It is with much sadness that we say goodbye to Tom Rogers, one of the Executive Publishers of Sasee Magazine and a principal partner in Strand Media Group. Tom passed away March 31, 2014. Having worked with Tom since the late 1970s, first in radio and then in publishing, I truly valued his business advice, […]

One of my dearest friends is getting married this month. Zenobia and I met years ago when we worked together, and I was instantly drawn to this beautiful, tall, dark-skinned woman who laughed more than anyone I’d ever met and always wore three inch heels even though she is already six feet tall. We were […]

I always know that March has arrived by the many articles about spring cleaning and organizing that begin to pop up on my favorite blogs. Cleaning and getting rid of the clutter is important to our overall well being, according to one writer, and actually improves your life in a myriad of ways. Armed with […]

During the Christmas season, I ate a lot of chocolate – so much, that I was almost tired of it. Like most of you, January brought a renewed resolve to eat healthy foods, which is something I mostly do anyway. But now it’s February. And we all know February opens the chocolate season that runs […]

I look forward to January and the “blank slate” feel of a new year. And, while I don’t usually make resolutions, I do feel a renewed sense of purpose and excitement thinking about the possibilities that lie ahead. As a woman planted firmly in middle age, I’m not sure if aging has made me wiser, […]

I stopped watching the news on a regular basis years ago, and it has made my life immeasurably better. I no longer start my morning with sound bites of tragedy and pain; instead, I ease into the day quietly with a solo run on the beach and mediation. Still, it’s impossible to miss the big […]

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