From the Editor

I look forward to January and the “blank slate” feel of a new year. And, while I don’t usually make resolutions, I do feel a renewed sense of purpose and excitement thinking about the possibilities that lie ahead. As a woman planted firmly in middle age, I’m not sure if aging has made me wiser, […]

I stopped watching the news on a regular basis years ago, and it has made my life immeasurably better. I no longer start my morning with sound bites of tragedy and pain; instead, I ease into the day quietly with a solo run on the beach and mediation. Still, it’s impossible to miss the big […]

Co-writers Kathy Kinney and Cindy Ratzlaff, best friends for over 30 years, have put together a book, Queen of Your Own Life, celebrating women over 40 with inspirational and entertaining ways to celebrate life and being a woman. The duo can also be found online where they have a blog and are on Facebook and […]

Since my children were small, a few days of my year, dotted throughout the seasons, are always spent with my large, extended family. Many of them I only see at these gatherings, even though we keep in touch, but those crowded, loud days are always among the highlights of my year. Over gallons of coffee […]

We’ve all heard and read about the power of positive thinking and how powerful our thoughts and imagination are in creating our lives. I read a fascinating book this month about just that subject, and I wanted to share it with all of you as Sasee focuses on “Imagination” this month. The book, E-Squared: Nine […]

It’s meet the (fur) family month! Pictured with me are Jacky, Annie, Dorothy and Lizzy. Hermione, pictured separately, was the Queen of the Pack and crossed the rainbow bridge in May, after 15 short years of sharing her unconditional love and innate wisdom with everyone she met. They are all older now, content to lie […]

We all know that travel opens us up to new experiences and ways of thinking. But I believe some of the most significant journeys take place on the inside, bringing insights and awareness that, for me at least, make navigating life a little easier and more satisfying. The parenthood journey is one of ongoing ups […]

I read a blog post recently by a woman who, like most of us, has always hated to be photographed. After years of being absent from almost every family snapshot, she finally decided not to deprive her family of precious memories and just get in the picture – alone and with her family and friends. […]

My mother loved to sing. She sang while she worked around the house, especially while she was cooking, belting out hymns and popular songs at the top of her lungs. Unfortunately for me and my dad, the woman couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. Once when I was a teenager, I asked my mom […]

Easter has already come and gone, and that means our weather is nearly perfect. Those of us who live along the coast know we live in paradise, even through our mild winters, but the beauty of our spring is something you have to experience to understand. It’s a riot of color and delicious scents, all […]

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