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Nicole Says… Read This Book by Joan Leotta

Simply a Smile by Joan Leotta Joan Leotta is a Carolina author who has put together a collection of her short stories, including several award winning tales. Simply a Smile is a book that provides something for everyone. Ranging from historical romance to contemporary mystery, readers of all genres can easily find a story to […]

Nicole Says… Read This Book by Joanne Huist Smith

The 13th Gift by Joanne Huist Smith Joanne Huist Smith’s husband passed away a few months before December. Depressed and unable to participate in the annual Christmas cheer, the youngest of her three children worries that there won’t be a Christmas this year. One night, a mysterious package arrives on the doorstep; an anonymous gift […]

Nicole Says… Read This Book by William Kent Krueger

Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger Frank Drum is a middle-aged man, reflecting back on a critical summer from his childhood. Thirteen year old Frank should have experienced a season of happiness and peace in 1961, living in rural Minnesota. However, when he and his friends discover a body, he experiences the town’s losses in […]

Nicole Says… Read This Book by Kristy Woodson Harvey

Dear Carolina by Kristy Woodson Harvey Khaki Mason is an interior designer who loves her husband and her son, but would love to have another baby. Dealing with a newly diagnosed health issue, Khaki sees numerous doctors to help her get pregnant. Jodi is her husband’s young cousin who has struggled with alcoholism, and when […]

Nicole Says… Read This Book by Linda Goodnight

The Memory House by Linda Goodnight Julia Presley’s heart is numb from the unsolved disappearance of her son and the demise of her marriage. It doesn’t help that her family refuses to talk about the boy who was ripped from her life. Julia decides to open a bed and breakfast in a charming, antebellum house […]

Nicole Says… Read This Book by Katrina Kittle

The Blessings of the Animals by Katrina Kittle Cami Anderson helps all creatures, great and small. That is her job as a veterinarian, but it is also a life-long passion. Her husband and daughter are used to the motley strays she brings home and nurses back to health. After one rescue mission, she comes home […]

Nicole Says… Read This Book by Sophie Hudson

Home is Where My People Are by Sophie Hudson The old saying states that the American Dream is a two story house with a nice, flat yard and a white picket fence. But what truly makes a house a home? Is it the building or is it the people? Do you have different homes throughout […]

Nicole Says… Read This Book by Mary Alice Monroe

The Summer’s End by Mary Alice Monroe The Summer’s End is the final chapter in the Lowcountry Summer Trilogy. Harper, Dora and Carson, three half-sisters, have been staying in their grandmother’s home, Sea Breeze, on Sullivan’s Island. Separated for years, Mamaw has finagled these women into staying the entire summer with her, as they did […]

Nicole Says… Read This Book by Maureen O’Brien

Waggin’ Tales: Bogey’s Memoir by Maureen O’Brien Bogey was unwanted, told repeatedly he was too dumb to love. Thankfully his original set of humans left him at the Grand Strand Humane Society, where he remained focused on staying positive. Soon, his forever parents found him, adopted him and opened his eyes to a world full […]

Nicole Says… Read This Book by T. Lynn Ocean

Mayhem in Myrtle Beach by T. Lynn Ocean Mayhem in Myrtle Beach, mixes a newly-single, fresh, college graduate with forty-six young at heart senior citizens and places them all on a chartered bus headed to Myrtle Beach. What could possibly go wrong? Sherwood accepts a week-long probationary offer at a retirement community, in hopes that […]

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