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Nicole Says… Read This Book by Maureen O’Brien

Waggin’ Tales: Bogey’s Memoir by Maureen O’Brien Bogey was unwanted, told repeatedly he was too dumb to love. Thankfully his original set of humans left him at the Grand Strand Humane Society, where he remained focused on staying positive. Soon, his forever parents found him, adopted him and opened his eyes to a world full […]

Nicole Says… Read This Book by T. Lynn Ocean

Mayhem in Myrtle Beach by T. Lynn Ocean Mayhem in Myrtle Beach, mixes a newly-single, fresh, college graduate with forty-six young at heart senior citizens and places them all on a chartered bus headed to Myrtle Beach. What could possibly go wrong? Sherwood accepts a week-long probationary offer at a retirement community, in hopes that […]

Nicole Says… Read This Book by Lynne Branard

The Art of Arranging Flowers by Lynne Branard The Art of Arranging Flowers revolves around Ruby Jewell, the town florist. She has owned her shop for a couple of decades and is the go-to person to solve any situation that life may bring. Using flowers and colors, Ruby provides a holistic approach to help aid […]

Nicole Says… Read This Book by Mary B. Rein to Your Kids

The Budding Gardener by Mary B. Rein The Budding Gardener is an activity book dedicated to teaching young children the fascinating world of gardening. Chocked full of fun activities and do-it-yourself projects, kids will soon be wrapped up in the delights of watching seeds grow. Through this book, they can learn about container gardening, composting, […]

Nicole Says… Read This Book by Elizabeth Robertson Huntsinger

Waterline by Elizabeth Robertson Huntsinger Virginia Ross’ life has been turned upside down. Now living on her beloved boat, Chaucer, she is determined to document all of her husband’s assets in order to have a fair divorce settlement. (It is the least she deserves after discovering his affair.) However, when she returns home to her […]

Nicole Says… Read This Book by Ann Ipock

Life is Short, So Read this Fast! by Ann Ipock Life is Short, So Read this Fast! is the second in the three book series written by well known, local writer Ann Ipock. They are a collection of her newspaper articles and other writings. This particular title covers topics from fun women groups, bare necessities […]

Nicole Says… Read These Books With Your Kids

Growing up, we all remember reading the classic Christmas tales: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, The Polar Express, and even Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Chances are we still have a copy of each of these books, so if you are looking for something new or different to give the little readers this […]

Nicole Says… Read This Book by Megan Rix

The Puppy that Came for Christmas by Megan Rix Megan and Ian Rix have desperately been trying to have a baby to finally complete their family. Throughout the numerous failed attempts, the couple has kept their struggles quiet. Along the way, they begin volunteering with a group called Helper Dogs that trains puppies to assist […]

Nicole Says… Read This Book by John Green

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green Hazel has terminal cancer that has forced her out of school. Despite her desire to stay inside reading, sleeping and watching television, her mom forces her to get out and go to a support group each week. It is there she meets Augustus Waters, a boy who […]

Nicole Says… Read This Book by Melanie Benjamin

The Aviator’s Wife by Melanie Benjamin Anne Morrow was living a happy life in the shadows of her political father and her beautiful sister. However, her life turns into a majestic fairytale when she meets Charles Lindbergh, who opens up the whole world to her. Anne lived during a time when women were identified through […]

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