Southern Snaps

In the poignant popular film, The Bucket List, Jack Nicholson’s character, Edward Cole, gives this sardonic summation of life: “We live, we die, and the wheels on the bus go round and round.” Cole, a wealthy, miserable terminal cancer patient, echoes a universal, fleeting question, “Is that all there is?” With help of the elegant, […]

Over the past few years, it appears that the pursuit of happiness and finding joy in life has become more important to many of us. Walk into any bookstore and several books on how to bring more happiness or joy or peace into your life will be prominently displayed. You can take classes on finding […]

Carolyn Ellis is a tiny, blond ball of fire. When she decides to do something, get out of her way – or better yet, join her in her efforts. Last February, the wife of Coastal Carolina University’s basketball coach moved to the Grand Strand from Auburn, Ala., and, in six short months, has overseen construction […]

We live in a time of great freedom for all people. Men and women of all races and religions can compete for the same jobs, go the same schools, live in the same neighborhoods and reach for their dreams. It has not always been this way. Someone had to be the first to break down […]

If you’re anything like me, when you hear the name Gold’s Gym you immediately think about big sweaty guys pumping iron, with no place for the average person trying to stay fit and healthy. Guess what? We’re all wrong. Walk into the Gold’s Gym in Myrtle Beach, and you will likely see owner Nancy Capp […]

If life is, indeed, what we make it, then Donna Skeen has made a wonderful life. She is surrounded by the love of friends and family, has a successful career, a beautiful home situated on a deep water creek in Murrells Inlet where she lives with a wonderful man and a great English Pointer named […]

July 15 of this year, Patricia (Pat) Goodwin experienced two defining moments which affirmed all her efforts as director of the Myrtle Beach Art Museum since 2002. That Sunday morning, while glancing through the Charleston Post and Courier and savoring the last hours of her Folly Beach vacation, Pat saw these words in Dottie Ashley’s […]

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