Southern Snaps

Meet Jan Conrad and Ann Brittain – Friends for Life

Forty years ago, when Ann Brittain and Jan Conrad first became friends, Myrtle Beach was much different than it is today. It was a small town, where locals knew each other and most everyone worked hard all summer to meet the needs of visitors who came to enjoy the wide beaches and southern hospitality. Ann […]

Huong Lam: Proud to be an American

In 1980 Neil Diamond penned these stirring lyrics to the hit song “Coming to America.” That same year, a beautiful little Vietnamese girl named Huong was born in the city of Saigon. Her young parents had survived the Vietnam War only to find themselves living under the stern rule of the Communists who took over […]

Meet Kelly Rhodan, Cassie Marone and Bianca Forte: Growing Up, Giving Back

For most high school students, especially girls, Prom is a highly anticipated event. It’s exciting to shop for the perfect dress and accessories, then dance the night away, feeling like a princess, making memories that will last a lifetime. However, prom dresses are expensive and many girls’ families can’t afford to provide this special memory […]

Book Lover’s Paradise: Meet Vickie Crafton of Litchfield Books

There’s an ad on television featuring a montage of aging adults in various settings. Each segment captures a different person smiling at us through the camera lens, giving a unique and personal response to these words: “When I grow up I want to…” Somehow, this ad strikes a deep chord, even though I don’t remember […]

Two April Weddings

By Leslie Moore

Two April Weddings

Two couples were married in April: Sixty-three years apart. Much about their lives is very different, but the love they share is unchanged by the passage of time. The first boy met the first girl, and they fell in love. He asked, and she said yes. Thus began their life together. The boy was handsome, […]

Green Acres The Thompson Family Farm: Where Traditions Continue to Grow

As she sits on the porch of her family’s historic Bucksville farmhouse, Kristi Thompson Wall can almost catch the scent of 1700 strawberry plants ripening to luscious perfection in a field across the way. In a few weeks, if the weather cooperates, we’ll no longer have to buy those pale perfect grocery versions that look […]

Paying It Forward – Brenda Rosen

Typing “acts of generosity and kindness today” into your computer’s search engine will bring up more than six million results – the hungry are being fed, a helping hand is given to someone in need or a kind word changes a life. Good deeds, great and small, are found everywhere and are mostly done without […]

High Seas Adventure: A Personal Saga

Beware of aging men with time on their hands. They come up with wild ideas. Not long ago the Fates presented us with a gift of unanticipated leisure. Just as I was trying to figure out how to con him into re-doing the master bath, he walked in one day and said, “Why don’t we […]

Brown Bradley: Living Life in Song

Brown Bradley, Director of Music and Fine Arts at First Presbyterian Church in Myrtle Beach, brings the pleasure of fine music to area residents from a small third floor office at the church. His award-winning FPC Concert Series, featuring world-class musicians, is a four concert series that begins every January. And, his remarkable tenor voice, […]

Just over the Line: Beaver Empire

First off, her last name really is Beaver, thanks to a former husband. Creator and owner of the sprawling, thriving Beaver Bar complex just over the Georgetown County line in Murrells Inlet, Leslye Lanier Beaver is a living lesson in the power of hard work, foresight and fun. She is also a study in contrasts: […]

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