You Speak

I always locate a copy of Sasee as soon as I arrive at the beach, and I love the articles so very much. Sasee is like a good friend that I have found now, and I have decided to treat myself to a year’s subscription.Please keep up the good work! – Cheryl I am so […]

Sasee loves the stories our readers share with us! Here are some from 2012.

Thank you to all of our Sasee readers who shared their wonderful stories of love! Here are a few of the submissions we received. After being pursued by a co-worker, Tammy Trulove told her suitor not to bother her unless he could give her three carats…and this is what happened. A few days went by […]

Thank you to all who take time to write and share how you feel about Sasee! Here is just a sample of your letters: Kudos! Compliments on a great issue (May 2007) …great articles. Best one yet! – Fran …I had my Betty Boop for 18 and a half years before she finally went to […]