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A World of Color

Brighten Your Home with Paint

By Kimberlee Stewart

Whether you’re painting a new home or changing your existing colors, we have some great color options available. We are really excited about the new Magnolia Line from Joanna Gaines. The paint is manufactured by Kilz and the colors are developed by Joanna. The colors are fabulous and the paint quality is excellent.  There are […]

Snip, snip, snip. Scissors clicked away. My eyes were closed, as instructed. My ears alerted me to this cosmetic alteration. I felt her hand and the blade brushing my cheek. Why did I decide on a make-over only hours before my son’s uptown, out-of-state wedding: a make-over done by a stranger in a salon where […]

Flowers for the Soul, by Martha dePoo Martha dePoo’s love of art began at an early age through the nurturing guidance of her artist mother, Suzie dePoo (Zuzek). Upon graduating from Key West High School in 1973, dePoo went to work in the art department of Key West Hand Print Fabrics where she rose to […]

Sister, Beautify Thyself

By Zile Elliven

In the not-too-distant past, I used to wake up, drag myself out of bed, find a way to get my sleep-addled brain to feed the kids – and myself, stuff them into their clothes, and finally, finally get myself dressed. More often than not, the result of all of this was that, when I came […]

Pink Tulle Skirt

By Kim Delmar Cory

I was a 63-year-old woman with a brand new unworn pink tulle skirt hanging in her closet. It is a size 1X. I bought it for the same reason one can never have too many twinkle lights. Twinkle lights make me smile no matter how horrendous a day I’ve experienced. If my car died on […]

Makeup Made Simple

By Casey Sifford Jones

Makeup should be simple, and while trends come and go, I prefer a more classic look that all women can achieve. Of course, always start with good skin care for the best results. All women can try the new trends, but women over 50 may choose to do a different level to achieve the best […]

A World of Colorful Jewelry

By LeAnne Daniels

For summer style, jewelry with colored stones is a fun and casual way to add a little color to your summer wardrobe. A beautiful colored stone necklace will stand out against your crisp summer white outfit and always looks great with a tan. Jewelry designers have always used colored stones in their designs, but for […]

Many of us are afraid of color – typically we stick with neutral because it’s safe. But, the summer season has arrived and color is fun! Pink, yellow green, orange, lavender – a pop of color can make a big difference and also make us happy. Make a statement with a large colorful necklace and […]

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