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Ann Ipock

Blue Suede Shoes and a Blue-Eyed Baby

Sandwich generation is a term given to Baby Boomers who are sandwiched between aging parents and our adult children and grandchildren. I was recently interviewed by our newspaper book editor as part of this new phenomenon, the sandwich generation—something I’m smack dab in the middle of. For instance, this year has brought challenges with two […]


By Ann Ipock


“Yarden” is a term my sister, Cathy, made up because the two things – yard and garden – are almost indistinguishable at her home – and mine, for that matter. We often share pass-along plants, news of plant sales and unusual plant finds. I’ve always loved gardening – I once wrote a column titled “The […]

The Wedding Bouquet

By Ann Ipock

The Wedding Bouquet

The wedding bouquet was beautiful –the bride, even more so. (Of course she was, being that the bride was our daughter, Katie.) Picture this: rich, yellow (like French’s mustard) velvety calla lilies, muted pink peonies, yellow Billy-buttons, deep plum roses (which matched the wrapped satin ribbon), papery dusty-rose anemones with the bold black centers, and […]

"You could shake my entire family tree and not one debutante would fall out!" – Miriam Oehrlein

As a child, I was always fascinated with beauty pageants – the glamour, the sophistication, the rush of adrenaline – heck, the importance of it all. Each year, my sisters, my mother and I would gather ‘round the TV and watch Miss America with all the hoopla, critiquing each contestant and picking our favorite. Sometimes […]

Everything I Need to Know (Almost) I learned (Almost) on YouTube

When hubby Russell joined Facebook a few months back, he asked me right away, “Why do people keep sending me recipes on Facebook?” Ha! I explained to them that first off, no one is sending him anything personally and that secondly, they aren’t “sending” – PLEASE get the vernacular right – they are POSTING. After […]

The First Thirty Four Years of Marriage Are the Hardest

According to Susan Miller, founder of Astrology Zone, a Virgo (me) and a Gemini (hub Russ) should actually click! Hold on a minute: Did she say click or clash? Though I’m not sure I agree with the following statement, she says, “You have so many things in common, you may find you are a bit […]

How Would Your Spouse Describe You to a Stranger?

Have you ever wondered how your spouse / significant other would describe you to a stranger? Let’s say you’re meeting at Olive Garden for lunch. He arrives ahead of you and describes you to the hostess. Would he say, “She’s a cute blonde, nice shape, big smile, perfect teeth, dressed to the nines?” or would […]

For the Love of Gardening

There are many tired gardeners but I’ve seldom met old gardeners. I know many elderly gardeners but the majority are young at heart. Gardening simply does not allow one to be mentally old, because too many hopes and dreams are yet to be realized. The one absolute of gardeners is faith. Regardless of how bad […]

A Family Wedding Followed by a Mystery Wedding

After enjoying the wedding of her dreams, our daughter, Katie, and her new husband, Michael, have settled into marital bliss. I, on the other hand, can’t get used to her new last name, Voulgaris, but I will eventually. I can’t get used to her not living here with us, but I will eventually. I can’t […]

Who's the Fairest (Decorator) of Them All?

I love my home. I love every home I’ve ever lived in. That’s because I make it MY OWN. I’m not a great decorator, but I know what appeals to me. Like a well-seasoned steak, I think we “season” our homes over time with special keepsakes from travels, celebrations and happy moments. I no longer […]

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