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Beth Pugh

“Do you have the recipe for her divinity candy?” Joe smiled before he asked the question, a smile filled with anticipation. His face resembled that of a young child just before opening a neatly wrapped Christmas present. His eyes widened as he waited for my reply. Divinity is a southern delicacy. Take one bite and […]

The nursing room felt larger than most, probably because we had the entire room to ourselves. Mom was sleeping soundly in the other bed. I was still wide awake, trying to play catch up on class work that should have been finished weeks ago. The first semester of college is hard for anyone, but it […]

Dancin’ Queen

By Beth Pugh

Dancin’ Queen

“What’s wrong, Papaw?” I stepped through the door of my grandparents’ sitting room. My two year old son stopped in the living room, eying the toys in his cousin’s play pen. Rattles and plastic phones, tiny stuffed animals from a mobile and a bouncy seat that used to be his. They were much too young […]