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Connie Barnard

A Mighty Heart: Sue Cranford

Ask anyone in Sue Cranford’s huge circle of friends to describe her, and most will just start laughing at the memory of a funny prank, a salty joke or the mere thought of her mile-wide smile and mischievous eyes. Many have known Sue and her husband Jimmy since they moved to Myrtle Beach over 35 […]

Phyllis and Bob Poston: Photo 1

We call them Snowbirds; these visitors who arrive each winter from a variety of states, all of them cold this time of year. They come to enjoy the sunshine, mild climate, and affordable lodging rates – often less costly than their monthly fuel bills back home. They enjoy being able to golf or fish almost […]

A Place of Peace and Quiet

By Connie Barnard

A Place of Peace and Quiet

For years I have driven by the Meher Spiritual Center’s discreet entrance tucked in a woodsy thicket just north of the Tanger Outlets and Wal-Mart’s busy blare. Each time I have felt drawn to its quiet presence, intrigued yet intimidated by all I do not know. Today through friends of friends, I have arranged to […]

Barbara Whitley: A Gracious Plenty

Like a gracious hostess welcoming guests to her home, Barbara Whitley moves among the crowded tables of lunch hour diners at Crady’s Restaurant on Main Street in Conway. Her stylish good looks and friendly blue eyes reflect natural charm and sincere concern as she inquires, “How is everything? …So glad you are pleased with it.” […]

Dixie Dugan: Artist in Residence

Dixie Dugan knew she had something special the day her first grade class was handed finger paint made of flour and tempera. Unlike her classmates’ chunky handprints in blobs of primary color, Dixie produced a softly muted creation of tiny fingers curved like fern fronds around a subtle watery surface. Amazing in its composition, color, […]

Huong Lam: Proud to be an American

In 1980 Neil Diamond penned these stirring lyrics to the hit song “Coming to America.” That same year, a beautiful little Vietnamese girl named Huong was born in the city of Saigon. Her young parents had survived the Vietnam War only to find themselves living under the stern rule of the Communists who took over […]

Book Lover's Paradise: Meet Vickie Crafton of Litchfield Books

There’s an ad on television featuring a montage of aging adults in various settings. Each segment captures a different person smiling at us through the camera lens, giving a unique and personal response to these words: “When I grow up I want to…” Somehow, this ad strikes a deep chord, even though I don’t remember […]

Green Acres The Thompson Family Farm (Photo 1)

As she sits on the porch of her family’s historic Bucksville farmhouse, Kristi Thompson Wall can almost catch the scent of 1700 strawberry plants ripening to luscious perfection in a field across the way. In a few weeks, if the weather cooperates, we’ll no longer have to buy those pale perfect grocery versions that look […]

High Seas Adventure: Photo 1

Beware of aging men with time on their hands. They come up with wild ideas. Not long ago the Fates presented us with a gift of unanticipated leisure. Just as I was trying to figure out how to con him into re-doing the master bath, he walked in one day and said, “Why don’t we […]

First off, her last name really is Beaver, thanks to a former husband. Creator and owner of the sprawling, thriving Beaver Bar complex just over the Georgetown County line in Murrells Inlet, Leslye Lanier Beaver is a living lesson in the power of hard work, foresight and fun. She is also a study in contrasts: […]

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