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Connie Barnard

Charlotte Angotti - Photo 1

Several years ago internationally renowned quilting expert, and Conway resident, Charlotte Angotti was taking a cab from Logan Airport into Boston. As five lanes of traffic approached a tunnel clearly wide enough for just three lanes, she nervously asked her driver why there were five cars and only three lanes. The Boston cabbie replied dryly, […]

Dakota Beach

Once upon a time in a kingdom by the sea there lived a beautiful young princess. Fair of face and kind of heart with the voice of a nightingale, she was also a very hard-working princess who learned to whistle while she worked – even as cruel forces sought to destroy her dreams. Happily, this […]

Tracy Bailey: Freedom Readers Photo 2

Tracy Swinton Bailey recently stood before a group of prospective volunteers to talk about Freedom Readers, the innovative non-profit reading program she founded to help local children develop critical reading skills. Her presentation began with these words: “Not too long ago, in a house on a dirt road not too far from here, a father […]

Local dentist Jeanne Fourrier would assure you she is no saint. The only saints she knows wear Super Bowl rings and gold fleurs de lis on their football jerseys. Thousands, however, know first-hand there is another Louisiana saint living among us on the Carolina Coast, one her good friend Marnie Heck refers to as “the […]

Myrtle Beach Girls

By Connie Barnard

In 1935, Ruth and George Anne’s parents moved to Myrtle Beach from Wilmington when their father, George W. Trask, Jr., started a farm in conjunction with a thriving family produce business that trucked vegetables to cities throughout the Northeast. The present Mr. Joe White Blvd., then called Farm Road, led to the Trasks’ 300-400 acre […]

Becky Bannon: Drama Queen

By Connie Barnard

Rosa Rea, Becky, Richard Gebe on the High Steppin’ Country stage

The world is her stage…the stage is her world. If Becky Bannon had not come to Myrtle Beach for a summer job in 1966, hundreds of Horry County students might never have known the magical world of live theater. With a newly-minted degree from Marshall University, Becky came here with her roommate to celebrate a […]

Angie Eggleston and her husband, Wayne, are living examples of goodness growing out of grief. Theirs is a rare and multi-layered love story which reaches beyond personal tragedy, even beyond the grave, to embrace hundreds of total strangers. Aiken native Angie Boone Eggleston met her husband when they were both on active duty in the […]

Murph’s Journey

By Connie Barnard

People watchers might speculate that Marilyn Fore is a fashion model, a film star or jet setter. Surely, the tall, striking blond with a flair for glamour couldn’t be a college vice president with multiple degrees and 30 years of distinguished experience as an educator and administrator. Dr. Marilyn Murphy “Murph” Fore, however, is that […]

Balancing Act

By Connie Barnard

Meet three young women you’d love to hate – if they weren’t so nice. They’re gorgeous, stylish, and smart. They are acknowledged over-achievers with prestigious academic credentials, impressive careers, handsome, helpful husbands and adorable children. The three good friends, attorney Ashley Morrison, speech pathologist Amy Wilkes, and physician Jennifer Merritt, sat down with Sasee to […]

It’s a new year, a fresh start. Many of use are eager to wipe the slate clean and begin anew. Some are motivated by harsh economic realities of 2009, others by a deep persistent nudge to move in new directions, to re-invent or re-kindle inner spirits. For yet others, the tapestry of life has become […]

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