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Shopping With a Conscience

By Melissa Lee and Mel Healy

While you’re out enjoying doing your holiday shopping, consider that it’s possible to give back while purchasing some of those gifts – a little change makes big changes. Start by shopping in locations that are giving back for the holidays. There are so many socially conscious business models. For example, we buy from The Giving […]

Trees of Silver

By Rose Ann Sinay

I sit down to browse the mountain of Christmas catalogues that have piled up on the table waiting for my attention. I flip through the first one looking for decorating ideas or a special gift to give. I stop when I see a silver tree almost identical to the one my family had when I […]

New Year’s Eve

By Erika Hoffman

New Year’s Eve – it’s to twenty-something bachelors and bachelorettes what Christmas is to Santa-loving tots – a time of anticipation, of excitement, of satisfaction, of wild dreams and unbridled passion. So what’s NYE for the rest of us? Usually, I watch the speckled ball drop in Times Square via television. My tradition of whom […]

Afternoon Delight

By Cathy C. Hall

The first Christmas after my husband died was right around the corner, and I was still struggling to get through the everyday routines of my life. How in the world would I face this huge holiday event? Because Christmas at our house had always been…well, a lot: Lots of decorating, lots of cookies, lots of […]

If someone you love lives in an assisted living facility or in a memory care unit, it can be hard to know how to make the holidays special. While some gifts are always welcome, like new pajamas or a warm sweater, most of our senior residents’ wants are more intangible. Decorate your loved one’s room […]

The Offhand Christmas

By Terri Elders

I’d already addressed and mailed cards, bought the tree and hidden the presents. I still had a week left to select a turkey, pick up cranberries for relish and bake the pecan tassies that Ken loved. Squishing together butter, cream cheese and flour and pressing it into mini-muffin tins was easier than rolling out a […]

N’SYNC Christmas

By Beth Pugh

The brown cardboard box was worn at very best. Time had not treated it kindly. It was fraying at the edges with the seams held in place perhaps by sheer prayer alone. The smell of cold air and wet soil wafted through the living room, intensifying every time I moved it to reach the next […]

Your local retailers are ready to help you make this the best holiday season ever. The stores are beautifully decorated and full of wonderful items. A little preparation will make a day of shopping easier and much more fun! Before you leave, make sure you have your list – bring sizes and ideas for everyone […]

The following story was told by Danielle Walters, Case Manager/Shelter Manager of the New Directions Family Shelter in Myrtle Beach. It is one of hundreds of similar stories and contradicts the traditional face of homelessness. According to Kathy Jenkins, Executive Director of New Directions, “One in three people in the U.S. are within one to […]

Oh, there’s no place like home for the holidays, no matter how far away you roam. I found myself singing the words of that song for weeks during the December of my freshmen year in college. Though I hadn’t really roamed very far, the forty five-minutes that separated me from my family as Christmas approached seemed endless. Sugar […]

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