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Decades of Grace

Age Related

By Rose Ann Sinay

My sister and I tried to slip by the kitchen door unnoticed while our aunts and our mother sat at the kitchen table talking about the extra flab around their middles, pain in their knees and back, diarrhea, constipation and every other thing that a teenager would find totally gross. My sister and I giggled […]

Reflections on Forty

By Melissa Face

For the past couple of years, I have noticed significant changes in what brings me joy. A great sale, for example, is pretty darn exciting. An upswing in my 401k balance is another fun topic of conversation, but that hardly ever happens. And scheduling more than one medical appointment in a day gives me feelings […]

A Rude Awakening

By Jeffery Cohen

“Stop Snoring!” These were the words I was awakened to one weekend by my little granddaughter. As I pried my sleepy eyes open, there she stood: The twisted up face of a three-year-old staring at me, her tone accusing me of some unforgivable offense. Half conscious, I’d tried to decipher the demand that was being […]

Margaret, Pirate Queen: by Marsha S. Tennant with Dub Sutton –Illustrated by Amy Chapman Margaret is relaxing on her South Carolina porch, when her ship, The Howling Queen, appears. Time to set sail! Margaret and Mad Maverick lead a group of sea dogs into battle with the crew of The Bulldog Bandit. With victory comes rewards… shrimp […]

A Cup of Wine and Thou

By Susan Traugh

As I glanced through the Facebook pictures of friends wining, dining and having fun, I was jealous. Hovering at retirement age, but broke and raising two grown, disabled daughters, my husband and I worked. And worked. And worked some more. We hadn’t had a vacation in over a decade, never took a weekend off and […]

I’ve talked to a lot of women this month about aging. Most of my friends, like me, are passing milestone birthdays. But, for the most part, I believe we’re getting better, and I know most of us are happier than we were 20 years ago. While our skin isn’t as smooth as it once was […]

Thoughts on Aging

By Kimberley B.C. Goh, M.D

When a patient comes into my office and asks, “What procedures do I need?” the first thing I tell them is that they don’t need anything! A better question is,”What do you want?” Society puts so much pressure on us to look a certain way – I believe you should only do a cosmetic procedure […]

It’s hard to talk about mortality. No one wants to plan for the unthinkable, but it is so important to talk about advanced directives. Tell your loved ones now what you want in the event you become gravely ill. I have told my mother exactly what I want – and even though she doesn’t want […]

Jonathan Green is best known for his vibrant depictions of Gullah culture, or the descendants of enslaved Africans who settled between northern Florida and North Carolina in the 19th century. Green utilizes both the aesthetics of his heritage and the abstraction of the human figure as seen in the work of artists such as Pablo Picasso, Jacob […]

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