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Dee Orr

As a child growing up in Texas, the month of August always conjures up memories of record breaking heat, droughts, and water use restrictions. Of course, the only effect water conservation had on us kids was whether we played in the water sprinklers on the odd or even side of the street. And when droughts […]

I love that I was born on Valentine’s Day, a day of love. In the early weeks of February hearts of every size and shape remind us that someone special needs to know how much we love them. For little kids it’s a time to get down and sticky with paper and paste and make […]

The Final Plan

By Dee Orr

The moving van had just pulled away from the house when a lady in our new retirement community stopped and cheerfully welcomed us to “God’s little waiting room.” Waiting room? Yes, she explained, it’s just a matter of time before each of us living here is called to that great mansion in the sky. Her […]

Nowhere in all my years of wandering through museums, antique shops, or private and historic homes have I ever come across a hand-stitched sampler that read “Home Popcorn Home.” It’s a shame because popcorn is a natural host to special times with family and friends. I have never seen a buttery bowl of popcorn that […]

For Mom

By Dee Orr

Photos – snap shots – are a passion of mine. I’ve spent a lifetime preserving such meaningful events as the postman’s new mail truck, the color of our house shutters, or a neighbor’s do-it-yourself hair cut. There are those who would swear that I have a picture of every meal our family has eaten. I […]

Two New Pennies

By Dee Orr

A jar of Del Monte dill pickle halves Kosher-style, a five-pack of Double Bubble bubblegum, and a five-cent Fudgsicle topped the list of my favorite things when I was a little kid. In my teenage years I added to that list a 45-rpm record player, an Angora sweater collar, and Dr Pepper. The list changed […]