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Diane DeVaughn Stokes

I was thirteen years old when the world around me seemed to crumble. My Dad had been transferred from Newark, New Jersey, where we were all born and had lived all of our lives, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. How could I ever live without my grandparents who helped to raise me, without my friends and all […]

When it comes to sisters, I have the world’s greatest. And I didn’t come by them as easy as others do. Maybe that’s why I appreciate them more. You see, I was twelve when the first one was born. I had been praying for a sister since I was about five-years old, because my best […]

Our marriage was perfect. Twenty-four years of wedded bliss until Saturday, September 6, forevermore to be known as “Black Saturday.” Dropping me off at The Market Common to emcee the Beach, Boogie and Barbeque Festival, my husband headed south to Georgetown to purchase the iPhone. He had researched it for months and salivated, just like […]

Who would have thought that Thanksgiving, 1971, would lead me into an adventure that would give me the title of “The Country’s First Female Santa Claus,” with national publicity to boot! Headlines from major newspapers read “Santa Girl,” “Santa by Day, Beauty Queen by Night” and the one I hated most, “Bra Burning Santa!” As […]

Who’s Who

By Diane DeVaughn Stokes

I love dressing up! No, I’m not talking about evening gowns and high-heeled shoes with my hair piled high. That I hate. I love costumes. Just the word “masquerade” gets me all excited. Oh sure, Halloween has always been a barrel of fun for me, but it’s more fun to dress up for no reason […]

Dawning of a New Day

By Diane DeVaughn Stokes

It dawned on me last week how embarrassing it is to buy a magazine these days. No, I’m not talking about Southern Living or Sasee, the last of the wholesome bunch. I’m talking about most of the others. Practically every magazine today has a cover that would fit into the risqué category. Speaking of “fit,” […]

Lockness Diva

By Diane DeVaughn Stokes

For the first time in over thirty-five years, I am flat, not fluffy, and it just seems so weird. I’m talking about HAIR! When I look back on my follicle history, I have mostly had BIG hair, except for a few periods of my life. Up until I was two years of age, I had […]

Listen With Your Eyes

By Diane DeVaughn Stokes

It wasn’t just another day at the beach; no way. It was a day of unusual occurrences, not like the Twilight Zone or anything that bizarre, but more like messages that touched my heart: Visual images that moved me as if someone was speaking directly to me. Every step I took that day opened a […]

President of What?

By Diane DeVaughn Stokes

Hey, you’ve got to have confidence in yourself, no matter what you do. And, if you do something that appears stupid, laugh along with everyone else. It ain’t brain surgery. No one got hurt, right? Well, that’s what I keep telling myself about the day I asked Jimmy Carter, “President of what?” when he told […]


By Diane DeVaughn Stokes

She came into my life at a time I needed her most. In fact, she needed me even more. Some would say she was just a stray, nothing special, but to me she was priceless. Tora Lora, named after the Irish lullaby my mother use to sing to me and because she had jade green […]

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